Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More company, putter around,a boat ride, swim and tasty chicken on our Weber Q, too much fun!

Where are we today ? 
         Had a good nights sleep last night and awoke to a very nice sunny morning with a fantastic view of the lake. Sis drove by on her golf cart with cat Bandit driving, she loves her cats almost as much as her Mooses.
Lulus Moose collection 
        Then I made a quick trip to town (Little Britain) to quick up a few things for supper.
        Back home before 10 am and had company drop in. Step sister Karen and her husband Harry dropped by for a very nice to visit to see the 4 of us together. We had an awesome visit for a few hours, so nice to see them after such a long time.
Karen and Harry and their new SUV
          After they left we puttered around with Lulu and Paul's Roadtrek helping them figure out a few things like reset the hot water tank and a few bypasses, and install a zippered screen to the side door.
         But then after a few hours of puttering around in this brutal heat wave, they took us for a cruise down the lake to a sandbar by Washburn Island to go for a cooling swim off the deck of their wonderful pontoon boat.
nice ride down the lake
we found a nice spot 3 feet deep and the lake is 84f
        Tube and floating items relaxed and chatted in the the refreshing lake.
then reluctantly head back home
their house view from the water
their tiny motorhome beside ours
yellow finch? outside our window
        Now I got to fire up our Weber Q and cook up a whole chicken and baked potatoes for supper (we all love chicken).
90 minutes and done to perfection 
Lulu made a couple salads and we had a feast
         After supper we relaxed out on the lower patio for a while enjoying the lake view and chatted some more, while Paul and a few buddies had a Jam session in his Music Room.
Paul on drums
         Was nice to be able to sit outside and listen to the great older tunes they were playing, bringing back a lot of wonderful memories.
        Then as the sun was setting behind the neighbor's willow tree, we decided time to head in for the night. Had an awesome day catching up with family, a nice boat ride, swim in the lake and a tasty supper. 
          Just would like to thank y'all for stopping by and my sister and Paul for their hospitality, Karen and Harry for dropping in too. Did not realize that they have been reading our blog everyday, thats how they knew we were here. They told us some things I have written that even I forgot about. Sure is fun to catchup up with people along the way and our lifestyle really helps make it happen.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. What an absolutely awesome place to be. Looks like you're enjoying every second of your time.

    1. Yes it is an awesome place to be, too much fun and not enough time.

  2. MOOSIES!!!!!!!

    Tons 'O fun today!! Life is good, we are truly blessed!

    Thanks for your help again with the Roadtrek, and everything else!

    Yummy dinner too!

    1. Yeppir we sure did have a great time.
      Love this campsite.

  3. Lovely home and perfect location. Must have been fun floating around cooling down. Nice to catch up with other family members. Colin would have loved that jam session.

    1. Always nice to catch up our lifestuyle now allows it.


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