Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aurora Farmer's Market, fun with the family and a back yard potluck....

Where are we today ?
        A much cooler day today, nice breeze and we found it quite comfortable compared to what we have been having. So head on over to Kim and Brian's for 9 am and we can walk to the Aurora farmer's market.
         Our two grandson's were busy with friends and stuff so Suzie, Kim along with our cheerfull granddaughter headed over to check out the market.
lots of specialty smoked and cured meats.
Gramma can we go play?
so off they head to the playground
nice fresh veggies
fresh baked goods
bread and buns
        Kim managed to pick up all the goodies she needed the we went to find the girls.
there she is, in the jeep
now then can anyone resist the splash pad?
        Then a few block to walk back home to the "Traffic Calmed Neighbourhood".
        Now how do you calm the traffic in a neighbor hood? They add the huge "speed humps" on   all the streets kinda like the "Topes" in Mexico, sure is a great way to control speeding drivers.
speed hump
        Then we were entertained by the antics of this blue eyed redhead for the rest of the afternoon. Telling us some great stories.
my freezie is all gone
little monkey
grandpa helped a bit
         Kim and Brian had been invited to back yard potluck with a few friends down the street and asked us to come along and join the gang. So Kim whipped  up a huge salad with roasted veggies and spinach and some raspberry macaroons (both gluten free).
       So down the street we go and the kids just had the run of the house and yard, burning up energy and keep themselves occupied.
         Then the guys on the deck BBQing three chickens (not on a Weber by the way). There was some flairups and burning issues, but they did get things under control and cook up these very tasty chickens. Not my party so we just enjoyed the socializing and chatting with new people. Most of the women hung out in the kitchen chatting and taking care of a few of the younger children.
the man's corner 
a few back yard games
all the children enjoying there supper inside,
 with the older sisters
then we enjoyed our meal in the gazebo,
corn on the cob, chicken and salad
a couple light deserts too
        Lively conversation  and chatting until we looked and its after 9 pm. We have a long 8 minute drive home so better get going, before I turn into a pumpkin, or fall asleep.  Opps us old people have to head home and let the young un's stay up later and have fun, been there done that.
         Thats's it for a fun saturday here and I did no cooking today! Hmm.. guess I better do some tomorrow.
         Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed this much cooler weather today, I was getting spoiled with this heat wave and kind of enjoying it.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Looks like you make the best of everyday from your activities to the wonderful food you eat. It's just one great day after another.

    1. Yes we are loving this lifestyle, get to see so much more family and friends.

  2. It did sound like a fun day and the kids are too cute. Love farmer's markets - we went to one today too

  3. What a cutie your blue-eyed, red headed granddaughter is!
    That was an awesome farmers market! Lots of variety!
    I love potluck dinners! There is always good food to eat and sounds like everyone had a nice time visiting!

    Enjoy Sunday!

    1. It was a great time we had and a busy sunday too.


  4. What a cutie she is! Nice for you to have a day off from cooking.

  5. Your granddaughter is a real cutie, George. That was quite the Farmers Market as well.

  6. Love the perspective of the "Grandma can we go play" shot...
    Box Canyon Mark

  7. Those kids are so precious!

    When I read the title, I said...WHAT? We have an Aurora farmer's market about 40 minutes from us in Ohio. Actually that is where our one daughter lives. Your market looks great.

  8. Great market...better time with Family!

  9. I'm literally drooling over all of the yummy food. Y'all know how to eat!

    Someone really loves their grandma! :-)


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