Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinery Fleamarket and an awesome roast beef on our Weber Q

Where are we today ?
         Sunday morning and all is great here in Arkona, but we are just having some real funky weather! Hot , cold, cloudy, sunny, rainy, more sunshine but we are enjoying whatever happens by being outside.
         Up early as usual coffees, computing walkabouts and Suzie had her shower we are ready to head out by 8:30 this morning. Dropped by to say goodbye to Rob and Pat, they are packing up and heading out this morning. Then we are off to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand bend, our favorite place to head on a Sunday morning when we are in the area. Lotsa vendors here this weekend before our Canadian long weekend. Not sure if we will be here for the long weekend we could be real busy then.
        Just love wandering thru the trees in the shade for this fleamarket, a lot on these vendors have been here for years, but then again we get to know them too. Always new stuff to see.
this chip truck is always here
my half order of small fries perfect
        Suzie heads over to John's Books, took in 15 paper backs and he lets her take 11 books away free! We like to deal with John.
Suzie at Johns' Books
        Saw some cool signs and shirts here with neat sayings, so put a few together to show you below.
lots of good info here
        We always enjoy the walkabout here, checking things out and people watching is cheap fun and kill a couple hours too, fresh air and a walkabout.
burgers and fries
ice cream and drinks
antique kiddie rides
fresh produce
and a few HOT RODS
Our Free books for today, good deal !
        Now back in time for quick sandwich and fruit for lunch, read for a while with this funky, warm and cold weather. We enjoyed reading our books outside for most of the day, bundled up from the cool temps.
kinda cool, for a while about 4:30pm
        Finally about 4:30 gonna fire up our Weber Q. Have a small (1-1/2 lb) top sirloin roast beef to cook. So a double layer of tin foil, small trivet and a after marinating in olive oil, vinegar, Montreal steak spice, pepper, sea salt and garlic for a few hours set on our preheated grill.
          I tried something different tonight and put on some water soaked mesquite wood chips wrapped in foil. Now to keep the smoke in the grill I added some foil to the side vents on this Weber Q 100. And you know what?
         After abut 70 minutes of grilling this roast and potatoes and not opening the lid hardly at all, we had a very nicely smoke flavoured meal!
low and slow worked awesome
added corn on the cob last 30 minutes
By 6 pm warmed up pretty nice
excellent BBQ'd roast beef
         Now very happy with our mesquite smoked roast beef dinner, head outside to read for a while, then a short walkabout and had a visit for our friend Mike. Pretty soon getting dark and time to head back inside, almost 9 pm and getting cool again.
         Thanks once again for your visit and hope you had an awesome day too!
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Great way to spend the day...a great market!

  2. Some of those authors I really like and some of those I haven't read. Free books are always best!

  3. Flea markets wear me out with a back problem, but I sure do like to pull up a bench an' people watch. That was a nice look'n market, even if'n them bell peppers did stop breath'n an' turn purple.

    I can dig that plate of roast beef. Looks perfect.

    1. There is a nice courtyard here under the treesm with tables and live entertainment too, perfect for people watchin.
      The roast beef was one of the best I have ever cooked.

  4. The flea market is definitely in a very pretty area with all the trees over head.

    Dinner looked delicious BTW!


    1. One of our favorite fleamarkets to wander about.

  5. What a deal on the books. The way Paul reads, we need to visit this guy.

    1. Between Suzie and I we read a lot of books too.

  6. Great flea market and great deal on the book too!

    Dinner did look yummy!

    Have a wonderful week.....

  7. Great looking market. I think I could easily part with a few dollars there.

    A while back you asked why Colin had peeled and precooked our potatoes before putting them on the BBQ. The reason was because it seems to take forever to get our potatoes to cook on the BBQ and they are never very good. So now I ask you, what kind of potatoes do you use and how long do you cook them. We have been using Idaho baking potatoes.

    1. It is a great market for sure, we look for the deals there and fresh local produce.
      We usually use red potatoes but these are new white potatoes. Leave them on the Weber about one hour on our Weber with the lid close as much as possible.

  8. I've read a few of those books you got from that flea market - good deal.

    Except for the wood chips, I used pretty much the same spices and technique you did for cooking our roasts. I really like the zing of the Montreal Steak Rub.

    1. Suzie does not like zing (as in spicy). The Montreal Steak spice works good too.
      Wood chips work good when I close the side vents with foil, keeps the smoke in.

  9. I've been reading how Rick D is either praising your recipes, or boasting about how his are better :) so I thought I'd wander over and see what you had to offer. The variety of recipes you post look great, and we'll be attempting a 3 lb Sirloin Roast on our new Broil King this afternoon. Hopefully it will look and taste as good as yours.

    1. I had a Broil King before, but have found the Weber is superior in that you have much more control over it.

    2. Never tried a Weber, but the BK is far superior to anything else we have had. I just picked up a Napoleon for the RV as I could get it with Airmiles. I'll let you know how that works out next time we travel. Thanks again for the recipes.


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