Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July to our American friends, and the Buckhorn lift lock.

Where are we today ?
        To all our American friends we wish you a Happy 4th of July holiday and Independence Day celebrations. Hoping you had great weather, lots of celebrations and huge feasts of BBQ'd food, preferably on your Weber but almost any grill is better than none.
Weber Charcoal grill
         On the way to town I stopped at the McLean Berry farm to pick up a quart of fresh picked strawberries. Oh so sweet and juicy. $4.50 a quart, expensive compared to the California Berries we have been getting here for $1.97 a quart but sure worth it for a special treat. How can they truck all the way from California (3,000 miles) and sell them for that price, sure not fresh picked when they get here.
        Then around the corner to check out the Buckhorn Buck, with a nice new paint job.
Buckhorn Buck
behind the Buck is the liftlock
        While in town this morning I noticed this huge cruise boat entering the Buckhorn Liftlock number 31.  Now this I have to see how they do it. So the following pictures I took thought were interesting.  They have to lift the bow to fit in the lock.
Kawartha Voyageur
just fits
empty the water to lower the boat
drop the bow
drop the masts
lower the cabin, see captains head sticking out?
just gonna make it
everybody duck
raising the roof and masts now and away they go
         So looks like it could be a nice cruise by Ontario Waterway cruises click here .  Fares $1,793.00 per person for 5 days, plus a limited selection of bar drinks at about $4.00 each! Welcome to expensive Canada. Sure it would be an awesome cruise but, I think a Caribbean cruise for less than half of that for 8 days is more within our budget. We can look at these nice cruises but.
       Think I will go  back home clean some berries and have my bologna sandwich at our wonderful campsite much more affordable, even after buying our expensive berries. And filling up our car with cheap (for Canada) gas. $1.10 a liter ($4.15 per US gallon) much better than most places here at $1.28 liter ($4.83 a US gallon).
        Now puttering around and can enjoy our books in the shade with a nice cool breeze. Temps about 25c but feels like 35c with 98% humidity, that feels like 95 f, but we do have a nice breeze so no a/c yet. Will cool off later this evening so should be just fune for sleeping.
        Then at 4 o'clock the social bour begins, at Pat and Norm's so grab a beverage  and chair over to their place to solve all the problems of the world. Git than done in an hour a few more people drop by and Suzie got her doggie fix with BJ (Billie Jean)and Max.
Suzie and BJ
MAX is here too.
         But now time for me to go home fire up our Weber Q and grill a couple pork skewers that I had marinaded all afternoon, add some potato salad, coleslaw couple devilled eggs I made and a garlic bun.
our Weber does the job 
throw it on a plate and we are happy
        Supper done, we can read for a while outside and enjoy this awesome summer weather, before calling it a night.
        Wanna thank ya'll for stopping by and remember to come back again just to see what we doing, if ya care, if not, we had fun anyway.

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. You have to splurge sometimes and might as well be some fresh sweet strawberries! I'll light a sparkler off for you in a few...going to be plenty of booms going off in a matter of a few hours! :O)

    1. Yep gotta spend a bit once in a while but like you said worth it!
      We had our booms last saturday but will enjoy some more and the sparklers too!

    2. That boat fit the lock like a glove! Must have been built to fit!

    3. I am sure it was built to fit that and many more locks too.

  2. Boy howdy, sure would have like to see that boat go through the locks. Can't imagine how much money they spent just to make that thing fit through Lock #31.

    1. It sure was interesting to see it shrink down to fit thru the lock and under the bridge.

  3. Now that's a grill! Can you believe it doesn't get dark here until 10:30... Hope I can stay awake for the fireworks!

    We watched a huge cargo ship go thru the locks when we were in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Sure caught our attention!

    1. The liftlocks sure are interesting and so many different kinds too.

  4. I've seen the Kawartha Voyageur go by a few times when we've been in the area, but never saw it go through a lock. Didn't know they had to (or could) raise the bow or lower the roof? I think I could sit and watch boats/ships go through locks for quite a while. I'm usually the one who is driving though, so we most often have to press on.
    Thanks for adding to my little stash of trivial stuff.

    1. I always enjoy watching them go thru the locks too, whenever I see one entering need to stop and watch.

  5. That is definitely a cool look grill. However, I much prefer the great Weber I have. We have several locks around this area too. They are amazing.

    1. We prefer our Weber Q as well.
      Love the liftlocks, like you said, amazing.


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