Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 04, 2017

Another nice day just hanging out here at the Ridge with Bill and Patsy.

Where are we today ?
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     Wow I slept in this morning until 6am! Almost unheard of. Maybe the reason was I actually stayed awake to watch an science fiction movie on TV last night about a 5 headed shark. Another rare occurrence. But we did both enjoy it.
     This morning at 6 fairly warm 65f but the forecast calls for thundershowers. So I started to make a huge pot of chicken soup. Lots of chicken bones in the freezer. As I was working away at it Bill hopped in his truck just after 8 am to go fill his 45 gallon water bladder.  He offered to top up our fresh water for us. I wanted to go with him but I was busy at the time. We took on about 30 gallons in our 75 gallon tank. Thanks for the water Bill much appreciated.
         While this was filling I separated the bones, chopped up some veggies and added some spices, and let simmer for another hour.
     The rest of the water he used to top up their fresh water again as well. Love this water bladder that they have, holds 45 gallons of water and when not in use takes up next to no space at all. The perfect solution for their needs. Sure beats carrying huge water barrels do the same job.
water pump into our tank
Suzie got a doggie fix with Clemson while all this was happening bonus
        While the soup was simmering I whipped into the Durham Foodland to fill our 5 gallon  jug with purified water. Then home to finish the soup.  I divided  into 2 pots, our pot with extra wide egg noodles, and the other with Pearl Barley for Bill and Patsy (their/her choice).
Suzie like this Purified water
        Shortly after 11 am soup all ready so time for lunch, they got their pot and we enjoyed ours, Ours was extra hearty more like stew (stewoup). But hit the spot and we will both have leftovers for more meals.
our pot in the right, theirs on the left
what a tasty lunch.
big bowl of stewoup
         After lunch the thunderstorms started a down to pour for a while, then stopped and the sun came back out. Perfect ,  I got another walkabout down the laneway to the road. The cattle in the field right across the road checking me out. And spotted a baby turtle in the driveway on my way back.
they looking at me . strange guy they see
right across the road here,
oh they have mail !
baby turtle on the roadway
        Put our chairs out and we managed to read outside for about a 1/2 hour. Then more rain for a bit. Hey at least we got to sit outside this afternoon for a while , it did get to 82f ( 27C) for for a while then cooled down again .
       One cob of corn for super that we will share, and like I have done before when dry camping, husk the corn, put in a small plastic bag with a bit of water and soak for a while, turning frequently , Use very little water and can grill on our BBQ. We actually really love our corn done  this way .
soak  our cob in a bit of water before grilling
        Then the sun came out again for a bit, back outside to whip up supper on our Weber  Q.
pretty nice for a while
         The corn on the Weber Q about 15  minutes turning a few times, then our Turkey Garlic sausage for about another  15 minutes for so.
both done to perfection
added to a green healthy salad sure hit the spot
      There ya go.we did have a fun . day here at the Ridge, taking in the weather as is came. Not too bad at all temps up and down, but much better than cold and snowy that's for sure.
        Hope y'all day a good day as well and  glad that you dropped on by for a look see.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. You slept in until 6am? No wonder I felt the Universe shake... :cD

  2. Yep, you did sleep in today!!
    I never knew to cook corn on the cob that way. Great information..,.thanks for sharing!!

    1. This is a another great way to cook corn especially if you are using the BBQ anyway.

  3. Food looks good
    No sleeping in tomorrow!
    Have fun at the wedding
    Talk to you later.

    1. Tucker is back, glad to hear from you again, I am up bright and early I will make some more soup for you guys, We always have fun you know that, thanks. .

  4. The soup was great and leftovers for today.
    I was surprised to see Tucker too, yay!
    Good days no matter the weather.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the soup . Everyday living this lifestyle is good no matter the weather, like you say.

  5. Soup looks awesome as always and perfect for a day of weather that you had! Soup is just such a comfort food! Love the cow pics!

  6. It was a perfect soup day and more for a few more cool days.

  7. Sometimes just hanging out is the best thing to do.


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