Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A fun day getting stuff done (more soup), then visiting with a few friends here for Happy hour and a very tasty meal.

Where are we today ?
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      A little cooler last night but great for sleeping with our windows open. Got a few nice walkabouts this morning then boiled up a huge pot of chicken bones from last nights 2 chickens I cooked on our Weber Q. Let that simmer for a couple of hours, strained the bones and added a whole mess of celery, carrots, onions, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, spices and some extra fine and broad egg noodles, let that go for another hour and stoup ready by 11 am. Chicken noodle stoup again, for our lunches and few more, can never get enough homemade soup. Even shared some with Gerry and Melinda, just cause they were here and I made lots.
what a wonderful start to the day
love homemade chicken noodle soup
from scratch
      Then after lunch puttered around and replaced a couple of broken pop rivets on our coach. I always inspect them and can easily drill them out and add new ones, I have done a few over the last 11 years. Our coach being aluminum thats what holds  the siding on and everything else, we like it much better than the fibreglass they use on newer rv's. And of course a few more walkabouts after this. And a nice workout in the fitness centre here again.  Weather similar to yesterday only got to 72F (22c) with sunshine and clouds off and on.  We sat out side reading for a bit then a bit of rain for a few minutes. It is quite comfortable in the sun but kinda chilly in the shade.
somebody up the hill flying a very nice Kite
perfect day for it
       Now at 3:30 we were invited over to Walt and Barb's place for happy hour and we joined them , nice to see them when Walt is not working, (he did the flooring in our coach). Gerry was there as well and Bob stopped by to join us. Lots of fun and lively stories we enjoyed.
Tucker on Suzie's knee
Walt showed us a template he had for making signs with his router
kind cool
Maya giving Walt kisses
I was teasing Maya with her toy
         After Happy Hour we returned home for an hour or so to relax in the afternoon sunshine, no more rain today, was wonderful.
       Then we were invited over to John and Donna's for supper with a few other friends. Can we turn down and invite for supper with losta friends and nice meal? Think not, that would be rude.  Bunch of us there and Donna did a wonderful job, amazing deep-fried breaded pork chops, mashed taters, mixed veggies, slice tomatoes and homemade applesauce. Was awesome !
Dona hard at it
nice turn out and lotsa good friend here 
they have a large Bulldog, Mr Wiggles
my photo of him did not turn out.
I shared a hug chop with Suzie and we had a
very filling meal
    Once again thanks to Donna and John for the invite and a very tasty meal. Nice to chat with friends and have a good time.
    Back home after 8 pm, it was getting much cooler so inside for the rest of the night, wrap up this posting, kick back and realax after a pretty busy fun day we had.
      Thank y'all for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Can't beat good homemade chicken looked very tasty. Getting together with friend for supper is a lot of fun and fellowship...glad you enjoyed.

  2. Cooler days for a while but great for sleeping. Nice to see you enjoying friends at Rock Glen.

    1. A bit cooler for a while no problem could always be worse. We always enjoy our friends wherever we are.

  3. We would love to see the Bulldog picture please!!

    1. Will see if I can get one and post on today's posting.

  4. Reading today your blog it validates just what RVing is all about. Having a great time with friends, enjoying the outdoors and sharing good food with the neighbors and friends. It sounds perfect to me. You guys didn’t have all the good weather this year that we enjoyed down here at Lake Erie, but you seemed to make the best of it regardless. We enjoyed reading your blog and I have added you to our favorite sites. Thanks for your comment on our blog yesterday.

    1. Rving is all about the lifestyle, meeting new people, seeing new places and and living life to the fullest. Thanks for coming back here to check us out.

  5. Your soup looks awesome as always! Dinner looked so yummy too..what a nice group of people getting together. It is nice to have cooler nights for sleeping!

    1. Thanks it was a fun day all around, and cooler for sleeping is always good


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