Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Keady Market fun yesterday and enjoy today, more rv friends, and a tire fixed for free.

Where are we today ?
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      After a busy day yesterday, we were up early as usual. Enjoying another amazing day. in the morning puttering around done, Chat with Bill, and Gerry for a bit then I headed into Hanover for a few things. I do like to go shopping when nobody else is in the stores. So peaceful.
      The first bunch of pics below are what I took early in the day yesterday. Before we had the birthday party and get together for our good friend Rob yesterday. If you did not see that posting just click here, the 8 of us had a real fun time, re uniting after our desert time last winter in the southwest. Just so happens that it was Rob's birthday yesterday too.
       Yesterday was fun busy day, got a nice walkabout down the road with the early mist.
love the morning mist here so eery looking
old  stone house across the road at the end of Bill and Patsy's lane 
we all enjoying this weather while Patsy got her pies baked
     Then before 9 am we all hopped in Gerry's truck and Bill directed him to the Keady market    We arrived just after 9 30 and split up for an hour or so, so we could browse at our own pace. agreeing to meet back a designated place for 11 am. Of course took lots pics but only a few below, still too many.
this was our drive yesterday,
enjoying the scenery was fun with our friends
heading on in from the field 
First Busker was saw was excellent
      This market is huge, a combination Flea market, swap meet, farmers market and stock yards for cattle auction. Tuesday's only.
lotsa people but not too overcrowded, have been to worse
      We cruised the isles mostly glancing at stuff knowing we only had just over and hour and wanted to check the whole market out.
lotsa kids stuff here too
antiques, swap meet in this area
lotsa cool stuff
      Pretty well anything you could want and not need was here, but the weather was perfect and the experience was fun.
      Lots of very fresh fruits and vegetables  and we did manage to purchase a few things, fresh field corn, field Beefsteak tomatoes and very tasty tiny plums.
This is the hat vendor we see at many markets and usually
buy of hats from him
always a good deal

     The I went inside to check out the sales barn where the auction the cattle, but the selling was all done for today.
sales arena
holding pens for the cattle
      Now at the far end of the market we will work our way back to the meeting place.
these buskers were really amazing sure had a crowd watching them
      We got back to the Ridge about 1 pm and wanted to get things together for our visitors at 3 pm for Happy Hour and Robs' birthday celebration. Like I mentioned earlier that was yesterday's posting HERE.  
       After the rain storm yesterday and the supper party we went out to access the damage. The major rain sure dumped a lot of water and washed out a good portion of their laneway.
a lots of the lane is now here

       Bill got his drone out to make some pictures, of us camping here and the damage, not sure if he got them , have not heard about them yet.
Bill and Gerry having fun with the drone
there it is hovering overhead
Bill taking some more pics this mornnig
    With my drive to Hanover this morning I noticed some wheat fields took a huge hit from the rain.
an this laneway is not passable right now
      Back home there was Patsy. Gerry and Suzie chatting after the laneway was rebuilt by Bill and Gerry, hmm I guess I missed it, looks much better now.
they discussing life
    When I got back looked like one of the tires in the car was low in pressure. hmm sure enough. pumped it up and checked it out. Darn nail. Ok back in the car after lunch to the Canadian Tire in Hanover, they fix flats there for free if we buy our tires there, and we do.
    By the time I got back Gerry and Melinda had decamped and headed back to Rock Glen resort wanting to beat the predicted thunderstorms coming
     Now to relax for a bit with our e-readers , then Patsy's sister Gayle and husband John stopped by for a quick Happy hour on their way by. We met them in the southwest last winter, a couple of times in Quartzsite and a Christmas dinner at Pilot Knob resort. Last time we saw them in Quartzite we went to Silly Al's for a see ya later meal.
Rv'er's always have fun so nice to see them again
        Once again time for supper, tonight a couple of salmon fillets, fresh local corn on the cob and of course our salad.
love grilling the corn like this such a different taste and si tender
yummy?yes it was
          Supper done. no rain, no storm just another wonderful warm summer evening outside, We did enjoy some nice reading time and watching the sunset, Bill and Patsy do have a wonderful property here with amazing views. So glad they invited us here for a visit.
what a nice sunset right from our patio
        Now I am up to date with our last couple of days. 86f (30c) today no complaints here at all we really had some fun times with our friends but the visit was much too short. But heck better than none at all. Just after 9 pm, finish this posting and head inside to call it a night, sure do love this summer weather.
        Thanks for taking the time to check us out and wade through all my pictures. But this is our way to record things as well as well as sharing.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That Keady Market is quite the place! Glad you've enjoyed your time up here.

    1. It is a wonderful market, we sure are enjoying our time here thanks.

  2. I'm glad we got to Keady and all the better with friends. Nice to see Gayle and John too, it was a surprise!

    1. Thank is a very interesting market, we really enjoy those kind of places as you know. And was a nice surprise to see Gayle and John again too.

  3. Love your pictures George, never can have too many in my opinion! What a great time with everybody!

  4. Looks like the market had a good crowd

    1. Yes a great crowd , only on Tuesday's in the summer, with about 250 vendors.

  5. Markets are everywhere during the summer. Don't you love it! Your picture of the stone house and fence is really beautiful.

    1. Love the Farmer's Markets we sure do enjoy them. I loved that stone house as well too bad I could not get closer a couple of bulls in that field .

  6. I have been reading and catching up...First of all A Happy Belated Anniversary to Suzie and yourself!

    From the pictures it looks like you have a very nice new floor in your home. Great blog about why you really is about having a journal about where you have been and what you have done. The nice part is having the pictures to go along with the memories. Speaking of memories nice picture of you and your mom.

    I am now enjoying your posts about spending time with Patsy and Bill at the Ridge along with the others. From the pictures she posts and now yours they really do have a nice place.

    Hope the sun is shining down on you all today.

    1. Thanks for all the comments, glad you caught up with us again, no complaints on the weather here.

  7. All that fresh fruit and produce look so good.

    Just yesterday Colin had to stop in at Canadian Tire as he had screw with the washer on it struck in one of the Jeep tires. Of course the car is new to us so we didn't buy the tires there but the charge we only $30.00 with tax and they patched it both on the inside and the outside.

    1. The produce is wonderful here.
      We got the same patch inside and out so saved the $30.00 plus we get our tires for the car at Canadian tire free with our points from there. We make use of the system for sure.


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