Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 28, 2017

Visiting good friends near Walsh Ontario

Where are we today ?
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      Warmer overnight again had a real good sleep and we up early as usual. Puttered around got some walkabouts done, Suzie had her shower, and I dumped our tanks , secured the coach and hit the road shortly after 9:30 am. No rush only 95 miles, about 1/2 of it on some nice scenic back roads.
       One sight we drove by as we have done for many years this old car that looks amazing but is only one foot wide, my front photo did not turn our, darn .
        A lot of this area near Tillsonburg and Simcoe was major tobacco country in the day, mostly now has been converted to Ginseng operations, That can be spotted grown under these black covers in the fields.
this is actually a Tobacco field, still a few left in this area
       Just before noon we pulled into Chris and Bill's place backed our coach up their laneway and quickly set up, so nice to see them again.
        Below is some of their huge vegetable garden soon to be harvested, early crops this year.
       Bill has been busy cutting and splitting wood for this winters' heat source for the house. All the wood is free he just need to do the work. Below is about 1/2 the wood he will need for this coming winter. Keeps him busy and he gets some nice exercise as well.
thats is a a lot of wood, but it is a large house too.
we parked here beside the driving shed
nice patio here at the back of the house to relax
Bill BBQ'd some prime rib burgers for supper, one
 chorizo burger on the right for him to try
         Christine and made up a very tasty Macaroni salad and sliced tomatoes right from their garden, we sure had a very tasty supper..
yummy? yup sure was
for desert Chris has made a very tasty lemon cake
to go with the fresh melon right out of the garden
she also got me the one and only fresh strawberry right for
her garden oh so sweet
her dogs running about in their kennel
barking, she used to breed them
Pugs and Schnauzers 
        Bill had just gathered eggs and she had to show is this one very huge one below. All the rest in the carton are extra large, this one is HUGE. Would make a nice omelette.
       The day just flew by good time chatting and catching up with good friends sharing a wonderful meal as well. But soon time to cll it a night cooling down about 8:30 so inside to wrap up our day.
       Aways nice to stop by and visit with these guys, sometimes it is too long between visits
       Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had a wonderful summer day as well, No com[laints here.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That is an awesome vegetable garden. Glad you got to meet up with some old friends and break bread together, always a special time.

    1. It sure is an awesome garden, always fun to catch up with of friends from a long time ago. We always enjoy their company.

  2. Splitting all of the wood is some serious work, even with a splitter.

    1. Keeps Bill outside, busy and active in the summer months, nothing like firewood to heat your house

  3. That old car must have a very skinny owner. Bet it would be great for heavy city traffic! :c)

    1. I don't think you could drive it anywhere, would tip over, lol..

  4. What a beautiful property Christine and Bill have. Love how green everything is and the driving shed! Dinner of course looked awesome! Enjoy your time!

    1. They do have a beautiful property here,his tractor , lawn tractors and other items stored in that shed,

  5. Glad you had the chance to visit with friends. Sometimes we let too much pass in between but nice to catch up. Beautiful property and I love the garden. Too much for me but nothing better than being able to walk out and pick fruits and veggies home grown! Enjoy your time!

    1. It is one huge property and awesome, keeps them busy that's for sure, with the lawn mowing, wood splitting, vegetable garden chickens dogs and horse, but the seem to enjoy it.
      It nice to catch up with them when we can.


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