Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cool again overnight, a nice sunny warm day, Car show, great band tonight and thoughts about Rockport Texas

Where are we today ?
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     Was pretty cold this morning  45F (7C) at 6 am a bit to early in the season to get this cold, but I am sure we will have some more warmer weather before we head south in October.    
      A few nice morning walkabouts around the park and down by the outdoor pool, looks inviting but cool.
love the mist over the pool
      Then down around the mini golf that is fixed up and really a fun place , we have played a few times.
awesome mini golf here
      Then saw Rob had his dune buggy out ready to take to the cruise across the road at the conservation area.
getting it all polished up he was
a mean sounding machine
he has done a great job with it
      About 10 am Suzie and I headed over to the conservation area, to explore a bit and check out some of the cars.
free admission today for the car show
     Some very nice trails that we hiked and enjoying this wonderful area, right across from the campground.
     Eventually we found the area for the car show and Suzie wandered about with me for about 45 minutes, she has enough so back home for lunch, The music playing is 50's and 60's typical; for the old car cruises.
nice hot rod think it would be a nice towed?
and of course a 57 Chevy 
64 Chev , I had one similar and loved it
original Mini , I had one of those as well, so much fun
and lotsa stories about it
        Then of course they had a food area and music going on , all adds to the ambience.
nice road runner
cool pickup convertible 
     This 52 Pontiac John from the campground brought over, a very nice every day driver.
this really moves, 6 cylinder, 4 Bbl carb dual exhaust
 and 5 speed standard tranny, sounds cool
     I walked back over after lunch without Suzie and spent more than an hour checking out the cars and chatting with a few guys, (would have bored Suzie to death) and on the walk back stopped into the museum , just cause I could and check put a few fossils from the area.
a very nice museum they have of this area
       Back home to enjoy our e-readers for a while with this great warm sunny afternoon.
      About 3:30 Gerry stopped by to join us for Happy Hour after Tucker dragged him here. They stayed  for a bit and Suzie got her doggie fix as well.
Suzie and Tucker playing
       Now Gerry sat in our chair that was getting old and goes what?  Oops,, he fell through, no damage to him, the chair is history, but the amazing thing was he did not spill his beer ! The right priorities he has !
Gerry is fine, the chair? see blow
another one bites the dust
     Then supper tonight grilled up a pork chop that Donna gave us the other day after that great meal she did the other night. So reheat the fried pork chop and 2 cobs of corn, couple of slices of red pepper on our grill mat and had a very tasty super.
this sure was tasty and moist
       After supper we read for a while then headed down by the clubhouse to check out the Band "No Show Joe" they are playing outside on the deck. So much nicer when they are outside. And they are pretty good as well.
         We enjoyed the band for an hour or so then shortly after 9 pm , was getting chilly, so we headed back home, all in all we had a very fun busy day.
nice outdoor stage set up here 
no show Joe did show up
       The one guitar player came off the stage and the young kids just loved it, dancing all around him on the grass.
everyone had a great time
        Now back home to just relax a bit, warm up and enjoy the rest of our evening.

        Thoughts about Rock Port Texas where Hurricane Harvey hit today and did some very major damage. We have spent quite a few weeks right there in that area over the years and love it. We had thought about heading that way and stop in for a while this fall, but now? Maybe not a good time, if our campground is still even there. Hope everyone there managed to survive this devastation.
       We did have very nice busy day here and enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you did as well. Thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Great car display, George!!! Poor, poor Rockport, wishing well all the way around !

    1. Thanks Sally,the cars are fun to see, it is really sad about Rockport.

    2. I suffer from the same thing! Whatever it is, it's pretty neat!

  2. That looks like a '52 Chevy....?

    1. I guess you are right, thought he said it was a Pontiac, but then again my memory is good but very short, lol.

    2. Actually talked to John this afternoon is is actually a 51 Chevy.

  3. What a great day you had! Love the old car pics! I bet the band was fun to watch. Dinner looked amazing as always!

  4. Amazing exhaust on that bug, probably can blow low flying birds right out of the sky! :cD

    1. Yes it sounds amazing and could probably blow the birds away as well I am sure.

  5. Now that was a very full day indeed. I always feel bad when a guest falls thru a camp chair but it does happen. Love those old cars.

  6. It was a busy day but fun, sometimes these things do wear out,


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