Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Amazing summer Sunday and a visit to the Pinery Fleamarket again.

Where are we today ?
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    Sunday morning and another amazing summer day here. Did get up to 89f (31C) with the humidex making it much warmer, But we have shade and a very light breeze so it was a very comfortable day outside. No A/c needed today.
    After a few walkabouts and chatting with people we got a later start than we like. It was after 9:30 am before we hopped in the car and headed to Grand bend and the Pinery Flea market. One of our favourite markets too visit when we are in the area. nothing we need and nothing we bought there today either, just a fun Sunday outing.
     On the drive there were passed through Thedford and by this house below, I have taken many pictures of it over the years. But just love it, reminds me of the Adams Family house from the show way back when.
wonder if the Adams family lives there?
     Got to the market just before 10 am and getting busy already.
on the way in
      Of course lots of the usual vendors with great produce and various different items here and there. But it is a nice outting on a wonderful summer day.
not too busy yet,
every one has a sale
only one busker we saw today and he was pretty good 
       We wandered about through the forrest and ran into some other people from Rock Glen as well. at least 2 other couples enjoying the day.
lotsa cool stuff here
chip wagon busy as usual
         As we walked by the front traffic lined up both ways but a least the police are there directing traffic.
Only 10:45 and the food court getting very busy
      Crowds are coming in as usual at this time, so time for us to make our exit and get outta here.
want a helicopter ride?
the ride would be nice but not in our budget I am sure
raffle for a 1967 Chenille SS 396 would be a fun car, tickets only 5 bucks
guess we could sell it, but did not buy a ticket anyway
     A few other cars here to look at as well. while are here.
I had a 64 Chevy like this and loved it
           After the market on our way home and stopped at Juicy Fruit Orchards for some very fresh picked white corn that we love. Picked up 1/2 a dozen that will do us for a few days.
choice, white or peaches and cream,
we love the white corn
         Now home a for a tasty lunch, more walkabouts and enjoy our e-readers in the shade. I puttered around for a bit between chapters, and purged a couple of compartments, and tightened a few loose screws here and there. I guess you could say I have a few loose screws!
         Then with this wonderful hot summer day Suzie wanted an ice cream, Ok we can do that down to the store in the park and we got a couple of small cones. Perfect for today.
          While here we chatted with few couples for a while wanting to pick our brains about this full time lifestyle that they plan to do.  Gave them a few pointers and just said do it sooner than later if you can, Time sure flies when you are living this dream.
 these hand dipped cones.
sure hit the spot
      Back home to kick back for a while, Walt stopped by with Maya and Suzie got a doggie fix.
she gets 3 small treats and has a wonderful routine
1st lie down
next big dog 
third one sit,
       Back to reading for a while just cause we can.
       Then Gerry dropped by with Tucker, no treat for him today , so he sat under Suzie's chair pouted.
what's this he said, no treats?
        Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a Turkey burger for Suzie and a chirozo burger for me, Plus a couple of white cobs of corn. Right on the grill. This corn is so tender and sweet only need to be heated a bit on the grill about he same time as the burgers, So tasty done this way
served on English muffins that we like , not too filling
what a very tasty supper we enjoyed.
        After dishes done back outside again , because we can and the weather still very warm, perfect to finish posting this blog and read for a while. Probably head inside about 9 pm and call it a night after another perfect summer day. Tomorrow?who knows what we will do.
       Thank y'all for stopping by for a look ,see  and hope you had a wonderful summer day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Our three Shih-Tzu pups give me my doggy fix everyday. Love them.

    1. We din't have a dog any more but get lotsa doggies fixes, without the ownership. Kinda like grand children.

  2. Nothing better than a ShihTzu fix!!! Sounds like you guys had a busy day!!

    1. It was a wonderful day just enjoying the weather, Maya is a wonderful dog,

  3. You sure love the flea market! It was a beautiful day. We are having trouble getting into blogs the normal way this morning.

    1. WE love flea markets/farmers markets always see interesting stuff.

  4. What a nice market. Looks like another great day.

    1. It is a wonderful market and certainly a great day.

  5. I love that market you guys go much fun! How come no treat for Tucker today..was he a bad boy? cream looks awesome too..gotta have a treat once in awhile!

    1. It is a wonderful market that we love. No treat for Tucker cause he had an upset stomach.


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