Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Warm summer day and fun with more friends, a pot luck dinner and campfire.

Where are we today ?
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       Up with the sun this morning and we had rain overnight (did not hear it). Did get a couple of walkabouts between showers. But finally stopped just after 9 am.  Laundry day so Suzie sorted the loads and I headed into Arkona to let the machines do their magic. And while that goes on I can enjoy my e-reader in the sunshine and comfort of the car.
        Back home for a light lunch and Suzie can put the laundry away, A pretty good trade I must say.
Right after lunch I whipped up the road to Thedford  Juicy Fruit Orchards for some fresh picked corn. They do have some amazing products here when in season and as luck would have it they had White Corn, which we prefer when we can get it, But as long as it is fresh picked it is all good.
        We were invited to a get together with 7 other couples that we see here at least once a year for a get together pot luck meal. Our donation is corn and fresh buns.
Baker's dozen 6 Bucks
these are so sweet
very fresh right from their orchard here
fresh apples too
        Then this afternoon we got into our e-readers for a while then over to socialize with all of our friends once again for this year. What a fun time we had about 17 of us there, chatting ,telling stories and having a few laughs. So nice to get together with everyone again.
another perfect sunny warm summer day
as we gathered around and flapped our gums
soon time to make a fire for the corn
nice hot fire. cast iron pot of boiling water
27 cobs of corn done in no time
we will start with the fresh hot corn
and it was so tender and sweet
then the Johny Manicotti  pasta Bill Made.
so tasty
yummy salad, and buns did the trick
Yup we had a fun time and excellent food
what is Bill taking a picture of? hmmm.
it was so tasty and filling
then we had desert! 3 different kinds of pie
I choose strawberry Rhubarb 
wagon ride went by and everyone waved
        Then Dick came over with a shot of coffee!  love the mug, that sure is a shot.
love this mug
        After supper a nice campfire going and Dick brought out his guitar to play us a few tunes. sure do love to watch and hear him play.
A wonderful campfire 
      Eventually time to head on home and call it a night getting chilly. It was a great day and really enjoyed some nice times catching up with friends and a wonderful meal. This is what this lifestyle is all about.
      Glad that you dropped by and really just know y'all had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I am always amazed at how good the produce looks in Ontario. Hard to believe that you have apples ready for the picking. You are ahead of BC by several weeks.

    You have so many wonderful friends and many amazing times.

    1. Thanks we have met a lot of people over the years living this lifestyle.
      We do have a lot of very nice produce especially in the area of Ontario

  2. Looks like a fine time and meal. Hard to beat those fresh summer fruits and veggies

    1. Yes Larry it sure was a great time, and we do love the local fresh fruits and veggies.

  3. Those apples are early even for southwestern Ontario!
    Looks like a great time. The picture of Suzie looks like she is cold, needs to move to the sun! :)
    I recognize those little tomatoes, I'm still picking 3 or 4 every other day.
    Yum the dinner looks wonderful!

    1. They are early, but a great area for early crops. When the temperature is below 80f she feels cold. The dinner was at their site and all the tables in the shade, we sat in the sun later.These small tomatoes are yellow , love them so extremely sweet. Dinner was excellent, thanks.

  4. Love the fresh veggies and fruit! We like white corn better when we can get it. Funny, I didn't even know white corn existed until I was grown as my daddy only grew yellow corn. The food looked awesome, hard choosing! Looks like a great group of people and a great time.

    1. We prefer the white corn as well, seems to tasty sweeter, but then again what do we know?
      The food was excellent as always. and always a fun group.

  5. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good this time of year. We love the fresh local markets.

  6. Strawberry rhubarb pie! My favourote. What a good productive day...

    1. That os my favourite pie as well, a little sweet and sour. It was a productive day for sure.

  7. I just realized your blog has turned from an RV one to a foodie blog. And I love it! :cD

    1. Yeah well we all have to eat and do love tasty food. But we still live in our RV full-time, Thanks for enjoying it.


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