Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Cloudy start and a bit cooler then lunch with Suzie's Aunt and Uncle close by. And we saw Big Bruce!

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
    Gonna be a bit cooler today only got 75 f with not a lot of sunshine. Did putter around for a bit this morning and got a few walkabouts down the laneway and along the country road in both directions. Kinda misty and foggy for a bit but did clear up.
6 am pretty foggy from the dining room table
looking west
looking east 
neighbours yard still pretty wet
these huge flowers, in Patsy's Garden very nice
not sure what they are
down the lane these are about the size of a quarter?
heading west down the road, can barely see the wind turbines
with the morning fog

nice quiet country road for a walk
         Then at 10:30 we hopped in the car to go visit Suzie's Uncle Clare (her Dad's brother) and Aunt Cathy. We are less than and hour away and they invited us for a visit and lunch today. It's been a while.
a nice country drive about 55 minutes each way
     On the route we went through Chesley Ontario and saw Big Bruce . Have seen it years ago but did not remember where. The Fury Gnome had posted this on his blog (Season's in the Valley)  a short while ago , and reminded me to stop by right on our route today , Thanks Stew! We actually met him and his wife earlier this week, they stopped by.
Big Bruce is a big Guy for sure
Dedicated to  Harvey Davis
         Lots of large bails in the fields along the way , impressive, the farmers have been busy.
        We got to Clare and Cathy's about 11:30 and chatted for quite a while. Clare remembers Suzie always as a little girl when she used to sit on his knee. He was only 12 years old when she was born.
Still Clare's little girl, all growed up
        Cathey whipped up a very tasty lunch, pulled turkey, potato salad, and a tossed salad, it was so tasty.
oh yeah yummy
       But them we had desert, date squares, my favourite, and peanut butter marshmallows squares, all homemade of course, sure finished the meal of wonderfully.
desert was wonderful too
      Then we chatted and chatted and before we knew it over 3 hours had passed. Probably could had gone on a lot longer too. But we did not want to wear our our welcome and still had a few things yet to do at home.
Cathy and Clare
         Back home by 3:30, I wanted to have a quick shower, but first had to heat the hot water, and cut my hair outside, I did not waste any time hearing thunder and lightning. Got this nicely done just as it started to sprinkle, perfect ! I badly needed a hair cut and beard trim, we have a wedding to go to this Saturday and Suzie wanted me cleaned up a bit, hmm even gonna wear a suit ! No hat or vest allowed . :<(..
        Arriving home a package on our steps, a gift from Patsy, Multiplier onions and 3 tiny tomatoes right from her garden. Thanks Patsy !
these were on our step
cleaned up the onions and look at all the tasty morsels
         Now for a light supper after the filling lunch Suzie wanted a grilled cheese, with cheddar cheese and tomato. So about 6 pm I fired up our Weber Q to preheat.
this is 1/4 of a fresh tomato we got at the market
 the other day.. fished it up in our sandwiches.still have 2 more
ready for the grill
used the grill mat and worked perfect for this
just until the cheese was melted
         A bit of turkey kielbasa, dried sausage, green onions, dill pickles and fresh small plums. I use ketchup as a side only with grilled cheese. but is good for shrimp sauce, or add to BBQ sauce sometimes, then some company likes it too, (Rob).
just perfect for a light supper
        After supper the skies cleared a bit no rain, so back outside just cause we can and enjoy this warm sunny weather.
        A very nice day to visit Clare and Cathy and still enjoy some pretty decent weather as well. no complaints here.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had an awesome as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nothing nicer in the summer than tomato snadwiches! I had an aunt and uncle just west of Tara. Still have cousins over there. Glad you stopped and said hello to Big Bruce.

    1. You are so right about garden fresh tomato sandwiches.It is a beautiful area and so many years since I have been around here. Was nice to see Big Bruce again.

  2. I'm glad you had the opportunity for a great visit with family. I'm sure they were thrilled to have you for lunch. You're welcome for the garden goodies, help yourselves! It was another great day here around home too.

    1. We did have a fun visit with them, as we don't get together very often. Glad you had a relaxing day at home, will be checking out you garden too thanks.

  3. The morning fog makes me want to go to the coast so badly. Love the picture of Suzie and Clare too cute! Lunch looked awesome too and your grilled cheese and tomato..yumm...especially now, tomatoes have so much flavor!

    1. It was a nice visit with Clare and Cathy and an awesome lunch it was.
      The fresh local tomatoes are really so flavourful love them with anything.

  4. Such a very nice post, George, I know I don't comment as often, but I do read. Just thought I would let you know. Think I need to get one of those mats!

    1. Thanks for you comment Sue, no need to comment all the time, but is always nice to hear from you and read your postings as well.
      Never thought I would use the grill mat, but so much more you can do nicely on you BBQ sure is handy.

  5. Whoa! No chance of cuddling Big Bruce on you lap, eh? ;c)

    1. Right no chance of that he is one big guy for sure.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.
    Tomato sandwiches bring back wonderful summer memories of time with my grandparents and fresh tomatoes out of their garden and my Dad's. Always so delicious fresh picked.

    1. We don't have a garden anymore, but these are the next nest thing from the local markets.


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