Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 25, 2017

Cooler nights and nice sunny late summer days, we can handle that for sure. And Stephanie's dinosaur.

Where are we today ?
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       Yup it was pretty cool overnight, 45 f (7c)this morning at 6 am starting to feel like fall weather too soon me thinks. But hey this is Canada we suck it up and take what is thrown at us. Hopefully none of that white stuff on the ground before we head south.
         Got my first walkabout just after 7 am, very chilly I actually put on my flannel shirt and long pants!
nice mist over the pond
        Then about 9 am I whipped into Forest to check out the small Friday Farmer's market. No need for fresh veggies etc, in a week we going across the border for a few days so need to keep an eye on those things.
one busker here today, not too bad,
he was trying.
 A few vendors here and one baker I like has
 some nice scones for a good price so I picked up a few.
fresh Ontario produce
          You know fall is on the way. But only for a while, when the sun is shining just before noon I was back to t-Shirt and shorts.
pretty nice afternoon sunshine, blues skies
 and temps into the mid 70sF  (23C)
        Around 3:30 Tucker dragged Gerry over for Happy hour and a few minutes later Maya dragged Walt here as well. Suzie got her doggie fixes and both Maya and Tucker got a treat as well.
hey they got their treats
     Then soon time for our supper, gonna grill a Basa fillet, lemon pieces and a some sweet red pepper slices.
not too long on our Weber Q 100
     To this I added a small container of Jasmin Rice that we picked up at the rv show in Quartzite (free) added some fresh veggies for a couple minutes in the microwave and had a very tasty meal.
this sure was a very tasty, healthy meal
       Not a bad day after all, sunshine and nice warm afternoon temperature. We did get some outside reading. enjoying our e-books, we both have page turners that we enjoy.
       Shorty after 8 pm Stephanie stopped by with her Dinosaur (as she calls it) His name is Fred.  A pretty quiet friend and just sat on my sleeve and looked around. A cool pet, but do we need one? Nope says Suzie.
meet FRED
        After supper dishes done and enjoying pretty nice reading still decent temps. until after 8 pm then as it cools down soon time to head inside for the night.
        Sure hope your late summer day was a good one as well , and thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Our day was a bit cooler as well but not as cool as yours!! The humidity was not so high so that helps a lot!! It was a nice day for us as well!!
    Now that "dinasaur" and I wouldn't make it together!! He was pretty but I think not!!

    1. This is the time of year for things to cool down so not surprised, making us think about heading south. No pets for us either.

  2. Little too cool for me this morning as we are now right on the Candian border south of Ottawa

    1. Yes it is much cooler than we like at this time of year, should warm up again soon. Enjoy your time there.

  3. I rather like the idea that fall is in the air because it means that we only have a short time left at the campground before we get back into travel mode. So looking forward to that! However, in the meantime we are still getting summer time temperatures, in the low 30's during the day and we have been over a week without rain, I won't be surprised if the fire ban is put back on soon.

    I love Fred, he is a handsome looking fellow and I love his colour. He would be a great pet to have, very quiet and not a whole lot of care needed but we don't need one either.

    1. Yes the cooler weather is a sign that we will be heading south again soon.
      An easy pet to care for, but no matter what it is kinda ties you down.

  4. I'm with Suzie, I'd pass on a pet like that, too. No way to cuddle it! ;c)

    1. He would sit on your shoulder and keep you company though.


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