Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cooler, drizzly, relaxing, great supper and darts tonight. It was all good.

Where are we today ?
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       Cooler today with rain off and on most of the day only got to 75 F. But I did manage to get a few walkabouts between rain drops. We just puttered around and the day flew on by. Did some researching for this winter's travels, still no idea where we will go or which way we will travel. But that is not a problem we have ideas and lots of choices.
      Soon time for lunch and a quick bite then I whipped around the corner to check our lottery ticket and stopped into the Red Barn to pick up some fresh peaches that Suzie loves.
they now have free stone, just what she wants 
got a few for her and a free sample of this green one
is called a "Donut Peach" supposed to be sweeter
, healthier and no fuzz
will see if she likes it.
      Now to relax outside under our awning, enjoying our e-readers for a while, just listening to the rain drops and shoeing away the flies that are a nuisance when it rains.
       Tucker dropped by for a Suzie fix dragging Gerry along with him, she got to sit and play with him for a while.
It was time to leave and Tucker did not want to go,
not now Dad !
even though it was quite warm need long pants
to keep the annoying flies off
        Then about 3 pm I put our ribs on the Q to do their stuff and we can smell them until almost 5 pm, making us real hungry. So I whipped up a salad, and took care of those hunger pains.
         For supper I made some pork Ribs on our Weber Q just the way we love them wrapped in foil with sauerkraut, for a couple hours, Low and slow, then onto the grill mat with some tasty sticky BBQ sauce to caramelize them, fall off the bone tender. For the recipe you can click HERE , or my recipe blog toplight sidebar
love our ribs done like this, not boiled
but cooked with sauerkraut, amazing!
Ribs, kraut and salad,
sure did the trick.
        Now supper done, dishes done, the sun came out and we are going to the clubhouse to play darts, with whoever shows up, always a fun time.
        The wagon ride is at 6 pm on Thursday because of dart night for adults. About half a wagon load tonight.
the rain stopped in tome for the wage ride
          At 6:45 down to the clubhouse for darts we had 16 people tonight so 3 board going and we had lots fun and a lot of laughs a good time was had by all.
all signed up and ready to Play
Gerry is the organizer
and does a great job
Suzie's profile of a great dart player
       There was playoffs tonight and my team (I was a captain tonight) came in 3 rd place we each won a dollar. So all this fun cost us only $5.00 for 3 and 1/2 hours of great times.
         Just as we were winding up Melinda dropped by after taking Tucker for a walk just to say hi. She couldn't play darts tonight had stuff to do.
hi Tucker, woof 
        We home by 9:15 pm finish this posting and relax a bit before calling it a night.        Always something to keep is busy rain or shine, no problem this is our lifestyle and we love it.
Thanks again for stopping by and hope your day was a great one as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Seeing as you didn't comment on it, I take it that the lotto ticket was not a winner.

    Sure wish that you would head on down to Mexico for a bit, would love to see you again. If not come on West and hang out for a bit.

    1. No luck on the lotto ticket, not even a free ticket,
      We had a lot fun in Mexico 7 years ago, not quite sure where we will go this year, but the southwest area, looking for some new places to explore this winter, One of these years we sure hope to head out west.

  2. It sounds like the London and Windsor area are craving for the rain. We'd be happy to send them some! Yesterday was wet but indeed warm. The sun didn't really make an appearance at all.

    1. We are quite happy with the weather hear, don't need anymore rain thanks for the offer Patsy. We did get some sunshine later in the day.

  3. Yum Peaches my favorite peach. Have seen donut peaches here but they're so expensive, never tried one. I'll be curious how Suzie likes it. Your ribs as always look so delicious! Darts sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. She will try the donut one for lunch today and see if she likes it, at the orchard they are the same price as regular peaches. They gave is a free sample to try. Ribs always yummy and the darts is a lot of fun.

  4. I don't get the point about playing darts. Sorry, I couldn't resist! :cD

    1. Groan..... but some times we play electronic darts and that is pretty well pointless,,,;. :<)..

  5. Those peaches look delicious!! I've never seen a donut peach before! At first glance I thought it was an apple. Let me know how you like it!!

  6. Happy trails the peaches are wonderful, and the donut peach, is very nice firm like and apple, no fuzz but tastes like a peach, yummy.

  7. I wish we could save all those rainy days for days we really would like to see it rain.

    1. We get a pretty good mix of sun and rain here, works for us perfectly.


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