Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 10, 2014

A nice quiet day enjoying this great weather.

Where are we today ?
        Early morning walkabouts enjoying the sunrise and clear blue skies, after the coffees and computing is done. Perfect weather.
      A quick trip to the store by 8:30 am and no where else to go. Perfect!
      Relax in the shade, read a bit, putter around, walkabouts and chat with neighbors too. No hurry to do anything other than what we are doing.
perfect day in the shade (its hot in the sun!)
          Had a comment yesterday from Sharon asking about the books we read. Well Suzie has an Access data base 10 pages long of our favourite authors and books we like and have read. Two book cases in our bedroom are full and we have another 29 books in a bag all yet to read. Should be enough to get us back to Ontario in mid April.
my book case
Suzie's Book case
the books we are reading today
           All pretty fast paced reading crime scene type thrillers is what we enjoy.
           After puttering around some more with a few things and flushing our hot water tank can read a bit more.
           Then make a nice snack for "Happy Hour" that she enjoys. About 1/2 a pack of these Lit'l Smokies (20 pieces), wrapped in pieces of Pillsbury Crescent rolls and baked in the oven makes for nice tasty nibbles during our social time. Easy peasy recipe HERE.
so yummy for a snack
         At 4 pm headed over to Denis and Diane's for the Happy hour. They are leaving in the morning as well as Judi and Jim. A few other snacks and lively conversation moves around their patio.
they have a nice orange tree in the site too,
so snapped up a few right off the tree.
        One great thing about these socials is that we get to share so much information. Places to see, tricks of the trade, even a few jokes and lies that go right along with having a great time.
everybody is Happy
        Now we do have to finally head home and whip up supper. Fire up our Weber Q as the sun is beginning to set.
Moon rising too
        Tonight a couple very tasty garlic butter Bratwust from the Missouri.
grilled some zucchini slices 
added some homefried potatoes
         Sure hit the spot at the end of another fun day here in southwest Arizona.
         Not bad for a Monday the beginning of another fun week.
         Thanks to stopping by again, hope your day was awesome too!
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Looks like we read the same authors. Jim isn't a reader but I make up for him.

    1. I did not read much either until we went fulltime, but then found it was a great way to enjoy this great weather outside in the shade on a sunny afternoon.

  2. I like your book shelves.
    Great day! And great start to the week.....

  3. What great way to carry your books in those shelves. I have a cupboard for mine but like yours better!

    1. The books shelves were and easy build, right on top of the valances in the bedroom. Works great.

  4. Boy how blessed y'all are having that gorgeous weather.

    Paul reads all those authors. I am more a non-fiction type of reader.

    1. We loving Arizona this year, reading any books is better than reading none. So many choices out there.

  5. Darn, just checked out the RV and not an extra inch of space for a bookshelf. Good thing I have a dedicated cupboard.

    1. Guess we got lucky with the extra wall space.
      No extra cupboards.

  6. Now that sounds like my kinda day.

    Love the mystery, fast paced books also. Harlan Coben, Lee Child, David Baldacci etc.

    1. Nothing quite like great weather, shade and a good book.

  7. What a lovely day, good books, sunshine, good food and friends. Perfect


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