Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A very nice relaxing Sunday with mostly good weather, just a couple hours of late afternoon thunder showers.

Where are we today ?
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     What a wonderful way to start the day with a lovely bright sunrise. Sunday is a great day to take it easy and that's we did. Not much on the agenda, just relax, a few walkabouts the area enjoying this great summer weather while we can.
sunrise about 6:30 this morning was so inviting
a bit of early morning mist across the yard
       On one of my walkabouts went down the the river, so peaceful here and love the views. Listen to the small rapids gurgling and the bullfrogs croaking just perfect it was.
plus the reflections on the water, love it
tiny rapids down there that I can hear
       After we had a light lunch, puttered around for a while, check our tire pressure and oil in the coach before our travel day tomorrow. Was 85 F and very nice at 1 pm was gonna go for a swim , but we are shortly going to visit Suzie's Dad for  a while at 2pm and hang out in the "Tea Room" with him Coffee/ Tea and a tiny tart. Just a nice visit to see him again before we take off from the area again for a few weeks.
        Back home by 3:30 and the temps cooled down now only 65f  and overcast, no swim in the pool today!
        But we did enjoy reading outside for a while. The weather gods predicted rain at 4:10 pm. they pretty good today, it began at 4:03 pm. We had thunder, lightning  and heavy rains and not much wind. So nice to enjoy this storm under our awning and watching it all happen. We cozy here, just put a sweater on.
and rain we had
the flash shows the rain drops
now no flash bouncing off the roof of the car
yup we got rain
           Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of  Cornish Pasties  very popular in Northern Michigan) that I picked up at the St.Jacobs market on Thursday . These are excellent, ground beef, potatoes, carrots and onion baked in a wonderful pastry. Just need to heat up for about 20 minutes on our Weber Q , or we could eat them cold for a snack.
heat up the pasties on a small trivet 
add our green salad and some fresh local strawberries
what a wonderful tasty supper we had.
      After supper dishes done , and the rain let up a bit so back outside, post this blog , chat with Suzie and enjoy the peaceful evening with our e-readers, until? Whenever we go inside usually about 9 pm at this time of year.
     Now here it is 7 pm rain stopped and the sun is shining again, perfect !
     That was our relaxing Sunday with mostly decent weather, hope y'all had a great one as well. Thanks for taking the time to stop on by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Good Evening George,
    How ironic.....I just left Michigan today and while there I ate a Pastie for the first time. It was just like you said, only this one had cubes of beef not ground beef. It reminded me of a meat pie that we used to make when I was younger. They served it with gravy and it was delicious. I understand that you can have them savory or sweet.

    I also saw a Tim Hortons and stopped. First time, there too! We don't have them in Pennsylvania. Now I know why Al Bossence raves about them.

    We've had alot of gloomy rain on this trip but was able to do Shipshewana flea market which is always a good time.
    Safe travels to you and Suzi.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the Pastie there is many variations of them and I find them all good. Yes remind me of the meat pies I made for year in my restaurant.
      We do Tim Hortons here as well not as much as Al does though a great Canadian coffee place to go to.
      Enjoy Shipshewana make like you said always a a good time.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks FG I thought it was an interesting shot too, glad I got it.

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Sunday!! That lake area is awesome. We had a good Sunday as well. Church and then family ending the evening with a fire in the fire pit.

  4. We can't have nice weather all the time. Rain must fall so the plants can blossom. At least it didn't last long and certainly no forever. Enjoy!

    1. That was ok , it was nice sit under our awning watching and listening to the rain.

  5. We dodged the rain yesterday too. There were 6 of us huddled under our awning at one point. It was a great Sunday with mostly warm, dry weather until 4, like you.
    those pasties sound like something I would love. Yum!

    1. Glad you had a pretty decent day with your company. Yes you would love the Pasties, something that you can make easily not that Rob gave you a rolling pin.

  6. Love the pic of the raindrops. So green your way! Those pasties look amazing. Just love your pictures..

    1. Thanks guys we have had lotsa rain everything growing like crazy even the skeeters here as well until the sun comes out.

  7. Pasties on the grill? Is there anything you can't cook on your Weber? You are a grill magician! :c)

    1. Can cook pretty well anything on our Weber Q it works like an oven.


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