Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Suzie has a wild visitor, a wonderful warm sunny day and a doggie fix for her again. Life is good !

Where are we today ?
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        Another fine day upon us. A bit cooler and not humid, no rain or heavy winds. Only got to 83f  quite comfortable. A few walkabouts then at 8:30 I headed into Strathroy for a few groceries.  With fresh salads and fruit ever day need to shop a bit more often, but thats not a problem with our little car.
       While I was  gone Suzie sent me a text, she had a visitor. A little on the wild side, hmm.... But she has it almost under control. Told John and Ron  that were working down the way bit and they took care of it. These visitors like to visit when I am not here? This past May we had a deer walk though our site and stopped to visit on our patio. If you missed that posting you can read about it HERE.
This racoon came from under our coach, so Suzie took off
and found John
John is good with wild animals so he set upand baited a trap
can you see him on the right of our step?
the Raccoon followed the food trail right into the trap
opps, there he is, John said he looks healthy
so did what he usually does,
took him/it a few miles out into the country and bush 
and released this fellow back into the wild.
     When Suzie went to get John she left her I pad mini on the table, when she got back the raccoon had attacked her I pad cover. Oops again. But not a problem her I pad was not damaged. She did take few pics, just to show me, so now i can show you too.
no more I-pad cover but she was soon do for anew one anyway
guess it was tasty ?
       After a light lunch we relaxed in the shade enjoying our e-readers on a perfect summer day. Then at 2:30 we were invited to Ron and Loree's for happy hour. So of we go and as always a very welcome greating from  Freddie, he just goes nuts when people come to visit, Yes Freddie, nice to see you too ! And we enjoyed a wonderful visit with these guys flapping our gums and sharing stories, always a fun time.
treats from Suzie
like most dogs loves his ears rubbed as well
      Home before 5 and time to whip up supper, Tonight a couple of Pacific  Cod fillets pan fried in our favourite fish crisp breading.
we do like this breading 
just a few minutes a side and done to perfection
added to out salad was excellent
          Now still an wonderful warm sunny evening again, so back outside , finish this blog posting and get back into out page turner books.
          Always something going on with this lifestyle , just never know what it we be from day to day.
          Thanks for stoping in and hope your day was a fun adventure too.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That racoon even LOOKS like a little bandit! LOL

  2. Whoa! Close call with the i-Pad. Good that the coon got trapped and removed. Phew!

    1. Ot was a close call, nice to have John working here in the park, has knows these animals very well. An just locates then

  3. Certainly glad the raccoon didn't find the Ipad appetizing. That would have been an expensive lunch. Lucky for sure.

    1. Yes were sure lucky on that issue, But John gave him some food and a one way ticket outta here.

  4. Rocky Raccoon just wanted to keep Suzie company, I guess. Cute but not fun to play with.


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