Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Much warmer today, got some things done and enjoyed this great weather

Where are we today ?
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      Much nicer weather than yesterday really gotta love it. Now this is much better temperatures. The windows open last night and this morning at 5 am a cool 56 f (13c) but did not take long to warm up. Buy 7.30 I had stuff already to start polishing our coach. Some of the areas are oxidized again Got my orbital buffer out and set to work compounding the areas that need it.  End result looks amazing once again.
looks better now,
not bad for 18 years old I think
pretty dull and stains before I started
yup looks better, but you can hardly tell from the pics
did get the shine back again
Use this buffer and the this compound,
best I have ever used.
          Then applied the Megriur's Ultimate Liquid wax. does and amazing job, wipe on and wipe off. gotta love it.
love these products, they are not cheap but they work!
          After lunch Walt came over with Maya. he is doing a few adjustments to our new floor, Not a big deal but he said he could stop by and do that for us.
While here Maya made herself at home on our couch
she thinks this is her second home
        Walt got that taken care of in no time and headed off to another job.  Suzie helped Gerry with a computer program that we use while I prepped our pork ribs with sauerkraut to go in the Weber Q. For that recipe you can click here or my recipe blog top right side bar.
        Shorly after that Suzie came back and Tucker followed her bringing along Gerry. After all was time for Happy Hour.
Tucker did his Hi 5 and got his treats too.
Melinda stopped by to say Hi on her way back to work 
       With the ribs on the Q  for a couple of hours was time to take then and set on the grill mat, slathered with sticky BBQ sauce to to glaze,
also did a cob of corn to share with Suzie,
soaked in water for an hour or so
added to our salad was excellent
      Supper done and back outside to enjoy another very warm sunny evening, just because we could.
     Just playing with my blog posting and Maya dragged Walt back here for a Suzie fix, She thinks this is her second home, She has been here so much this summer.
         As we were chatting Gerry walked by with a cherry ice cream cone. And Maya went nuts, she loves cherry one cream! Tail wagging and lips being licked Gerry stopped and gave her a few nibbles.
please Gerry
Gerry I want more!
thanks Gerry
    Ok that is enough socializing for tonight, they headed home I finished this posting.  Get back into my page turner e-book for a while. Only 8pm still too nice to head inside. Maybe another hour out here.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope y'all had a wonderful day too.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I needed to put on my sunglasses before I looked at your rig's pictures. You've gone to a new, higher level of shiny! :cD

  2. George,
    Your polishing job looks awesome!
    Do you think that would work taking the chalkiness and swirls off my Winnebago? I was always afraid to try the orbital buffer, thinking it would be harsh.

    Can you please tell me what size buffer that is and what brand? Is it variable speed and if so, which speed do you use?
    Thanks again for your input!

    1. Thanks Karen. the chalkiness is oxidization that needs to be removed before you can apply a good wax. The products I used there and both Meguiar's the best I have found over the years. This buffer is a small and held 6 inch one only one speed, Apply the compound and add some water , the more wet it is the better is works, Wash off the residues, and while dry and apply the Meguiar's will take some time but will do an amazing job.

  3. We've used some of the same stuff on our RV. They sure are good products.


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