Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Peaceful day , great weather, swim in the pool and a soccer game, a pretty perfect day.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
       More perfect weather today, so peaceful here this morning just watching the sunrise and listening to the mourning doves cooing. Did get a nice early morning walkabout town , stopped by the garage for a couple minutes then back home before 9 am feeling refreshed and ready to go.
       Want to mow a bit of lawn but still too damp from the morning dew. So a quick trip to New Hamburg for a few supplies then home for a light early lunch.
       Some more walkabouts here just enjoying the sunshine and the peace and quiet.
love this sign on Johns pool shed
tiger lily
Holly hocks
more holy hocks
      Now I can hop on the mower and cut some lawn. maybe about 1/3 of the 5 acres needs to be done right now so about an hour and I have that out of the way.
looks better now
field to the north soon ready to harvest
this neighbour has a nice bunch of wildflowers
         After mowing the lawn I relaxed for a few minutes but heck it was 85 f and the pool is so quiet and lonely, so off I went for a wonderful refreshing dip just to keep it company. Gotta love it when I have the whole pool to myself. Again so relaxing.
gotta love it 
now to relax in the shade with my honey enjoying our e-readers
love the view
        Then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight grill a couple of split chicken breasts to go with our tasty salad.
low and slow does the trick
yummy yes!
      Just after 6 pm headed down the road to Drumbo, Grandson number 4 played soccer tonight and love to watch him play when we are in the area.
thats him there with the red socks
he has some great moves 
Yes ! they won,
      Now there ya  go we had a fun day here, enjoying the great weather, good company, good food and fun time with the kids. What more can we ask?
     Still outside now reading and posting this blog, on another excellent summer evening. Shirts t -shirts and sandals and almost 9 pm  This sure is the life.
      Thanks for stopping on by for a peek.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Perfect day, lovely life. Grandkids playing, flowers blooming, who could ask for more.

    1. Thats right Sue, we just love this amazing lifestyle.

  2. Crikey ...... I remember you mowing that lawn last year. Did it take a year to grow?? Mum loves the sign on John's shed too..

    1. No Charlie it gets cut every week or so, I guess you missed a few postings.
      It is a wonderful sign and says it all.

  3. It was a grass cutting day, Bill did ours morning and then evening. :) Great weather!

    1. I only did a bit that needed it, I prefer to mow the lawn during the daytime sunshine, usually less bugs then. Loving this weather for sure.

  4. Hard to beat the look of fresh mowed grass.

  5. It does look like you are enjoying your summer. You certainly can't beat the location since you're close to family and have a nice place to park your rig.

    1. We are enjoy the summer, lotsa space here and so peaceful , small town living in the country is amazing !


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