Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pinery Flea Market, Scottish Bakery, Grand Bend and a very nice summer day.

Where are we today ?
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     Here it is Sunday and a day of rest. but we don't need to rest , we want to do a few things today. Namely because the weather is amazing and why not?  The early walkabouts before people start to stir is wonderful. Up by the ponds, around the campground and just doing what I do, wander about. Get the fresh air, exercise and aways a few pics. Probably too many pictures, but I did delete quite a few.
nice view across the pond Gerry , Melinda and Tuckers place there
love the lily pads and reflection on the pond
       Just before 9 am we ready to head on out to the Pinery Flea market in Grand Bend we do like to visit there when we are in the area , and want to get there early to beat the crowds. Always something new to see and do enjoy this market nestled in the forest.  Only Open on sundays from May until October. It is a very worthwhile visit if you are in the area.
they drive this old ruck out front every Sunday and have for very many years
        Now to just wander about and take in all the stuff they have. Like I said always something new to see.
these old machines still working
clothes and stuff, pretty decent prices too
the kids love this 
not too busy yet
Suzie checking out stuff, by she does not buy
fidgets are all the rage now
fresh baked goods
yard stuff
still not too many people yet
then I have to stop by for a package of the best
pepperettes around, extra hot f course.
this are nice but VERY expensive
want tools?
fresh corn from Leamington,
out first this year
old stuff?yup it is here too 
remember these old lunch pails?
how about an ice chest, bar?
Electric bicycles and scooters
snacks, ice cream
food court not busy yet only 10:30 am
soon time for us to leave
getting busier no
this busker was pretty good
tin signs?
         Ok we saw what we wanted and heading into Grand Bend want too check out Grandpa Jimmy's Scottish Bakery. Gotta check them out, looking for some cornish Pasties that they make right there. Will try them out a see how they are. We do love them.
picked up 2 pasties, a one pork pie , on the right.
the pork pie is tasty, but the pastry is though.?
It has been many years since I had a pork pie.
       Now from here  whipped on down the main drag to the beach, not much parking there at 10:30 am looks like the beach is packed, it was a wonderful, sunny, hot summer Sunday so why not?
too early for the bar to open
they are really improving this very touristy area, looks nice

Bonnie Doon a land mark here at the beach
this fast food place has been here forever
      From here back up the main drag across the river  and back towards the lake to check out all the boats in the channel, As usual pretty busy place.
found a spot to park by the marina for a few minutes
and check things out here
across the channel the Grand Bend Pier and lighthouse
this guy heading out to Lake Huron 
some nice boats here too
          Back home by 11:30 for a light lunch. And Suzie got a couple of doggie fixes, 1st one was Maya and she dragged Walt by, then shortly after Tucker managed to drag Melinda here.  Now she has doggie fixes and they have Suzie fixes.
    Once lunch was done I set to work to switch our seat covers in the car from one side to the other, They are wearing as we slide into the car seat just on the outside edge,. so why not take the time and switch them? Get a bit more life out of them yet. 
    When I pulled these off some major dirt and dust underneath , so out comes the vacuum to get ride of this desert dirt. Reinstalled the seat covers on opposite sides and they look like new again!
they look much better now
       Now with  the vacuum out may as well do the whole car, was looking pretty dirty, still desert dirt there from last winter plus our California dash cover was  pretty bad as well.
dash cover looks good again, plus all the dirt under it is now gone
       After I got this all done Suzie decided that I need and ice cream cone? Just because, Really think she want an ice-cream. Ok why not? So down to the office and grabbed a couple of Praline Carmel ice creams in waffle cones, these sure did the trick, I had go along and pay because thats what I do, right?
oh these are excellent
      Now for some nice relaxing time enjoying our e-readers in the shade on another perfect summer day, Only 89f (31C)  but the shade and light breeze made it perfect.
       Couple of hours later I fired up our Weber Q to gill a couple cobs of corn that I had soaked for a while and a couple of MahiMahi Burgers for supper.
not long on the grill was perfect 
fish Burgers, our first taste of fresh local corn,
sure hit the spot tonight
         Now to enjoy sitting outside and a nice evening until 8:30 pm then all of a sudden the skies clouded over , winds pick up. and rain was just starting. We knew something was coming because the flies appeared and started biting, sure sign of rain. Hmm think a good time to roll up our awning and put our chairs away, inside we go. Thunderstorms on their way. No problem now we inside comfy cozy all secured and can enjoy the rain on our roof, even a bit of thunder and lightening. No complaints though we did have an amazing day and soon time to head inside anyway.
       That was our almost lazy sunny summer Sunday winding it up with a thunderstorm right at the end of the weekend. A pretty perfect day in my books.
        Thanks for stopping by and checking out our neck of the woods, hope you had a great day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Ice cream and corn on the cob. Yummy. Looks like you enjoyed another great Sunday!

    1. Yes Patsy it was a wonderful day, no complaints here.

  2. In my opinion you can never have too many pictures! Love seeing what you guys are up to..the ice cream and your dinner looked yummy..I'm hungry again haha..and then a great ending to the day with lightning and thunder!

    1. Thanks Glad you enjoyed our day as well. It was just another perfect summer day for us.

  3. Pepperettes - is that similar to a Cajun sausage? Looks like a very busy and diverse day, I enjoyed tagging along

    1. Thanks for tagging along Jeff. The pepperettes and more like a pepperoni (but I like these much better) small, dry and spicey right form mild, medium, hot, extra hot and suicide,

  4. Your pics shared your experiences of the day...a full packed morning. The produce area at the flea market looked really good, especially the tomatoes. What a great way to top off the day with a good ice cream cone.
    Glad you had a good day of it.

    1. It was a fun day, taking advantage of the great weather, and the nice cream cone really set it off like you said. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Glad to see there's corn-on-the-cob to look forward to when we get back home to southwest Ontario next week...!


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