Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 13, 2017

St. Jacobs Farmer's Market on a rainy day.

Where are we today ?
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       A warm evening over night with our windows open, wonderful. About 6:30 this morning we had thunder, lightning and some pretty heavy rains.
      My plan was to head off early to the St. Jacobs farmer's Market  But with the heavy rains I waited for a bit to it let up and it did.
A real heavy rain, wipers on High at 7:30 this morning
        This was a good day to visit,  on a Thursday and with the rains not too crowded at all, the vendors all there just waiting for customers. This is when I prefer to go with no crowds and not cold out, heck a little rain not a problem.
lots of fresh produce
no crowds  is wonderful
fresh local berries
Like the sign!
         But my goal today was a few other items. That I just can't get other places around here.
this Mennonite lady has some excellent homebaking
love the Mini pies,
I was her first customer today at  9 am, they are here at 7am
our favourite Mini Elderberry pie
a vendor in here has excellent Cornish Pasties
I used to work with him at MTD products in the late 1980's
small world!
no crowds inside either
this vendor has fresh made Turkey Garlic sausage love it.lotsa garlic !
here Spicy Chirozo and smoked pork chops 
now here wonderful low salt peameal bacon
just got 2 slices for lunch at home today
        Then after lunch I repackaged the sausage for the freezer, Only 1 chirozo for me, too spicy for Suzie.
2 Cornish Pasties, 2 Smoked pork chops, and 5 meals
of Turkey Garlic sausage will feed us for a while
    It was a worth while trip while in the area. Was a rainy day anyway. After I got this done Suzie took the car to get her new driver's licence and health card, visit her Dad and off to Waterloo to see her chiropractor. I stayed home this time to read for a while, outside and get supper ready for when she gets back home.
     Tonight a pork roast on our Weber Q with applesauce and a salad.
a dull damp day but not to bad outside
I did get some reading done out here
      Then as Suzie is leaving Waterloo she texts me  so I can preheat our Weber Q, whip up a salad and put the pork roast on the Q. Take her about 35 minutes to get here so perfect timing.
Weber Q ready with our windscreen
         She was home for about 15 minutes and supper was ready 5:15 pm or so a time we like to eat.
love a nice pork roast seared on the grill
so tender and tasty
Our green salad and applesauce sure did the trick
and of course leftovers for lunches
      That was our interesting, productive rainy day, not a problem we can work around the weather. Got things done and looking forward to some nicer weather in the near future. Not sitting out tonight, kinda cool, damp and overcast, but heck there will be more nice warm summer nights yet.
       There is a good possibility we may have to try a piece of that Elderberry pie later this evening, a very rare treat for us, not being desert people, but this could be an exception. We will make it last.
Looks like the Zoo series is on TV at 7pm tonight with our time shift. Perfect time for us to watch it. Read the book by James Patterson and enjoy the tv show as well, different than the book of course.
       Thanks for stopping by to check us out. Hope you had a good day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That farmer's market looked like food heaven! Thank goodness RV freezers are small or you would have bought out many of those vendors, and I wouldn't have blamed you one bit. :cD

    1. The small freezer is a bonus, this way we can come back more often when in the area. It is a fun outing and always something new to see.

  2. Love going to Farmer's Markets when we can.
    With this unpredictable weather it's nice to have a day off once in a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Framer's Markets are something we always want to check out wherever we go.

  3. You always have something going on! I love that market, my sister took us there a couple of times.

    1. We kind of pace ourselves depending on the weather and where we are. This is one amazing market glad you have been here always a fun time.

  4. The farmer's market looked absolutely gorgeous, such beautiful fruits and veggies, and the meat market looked interesting too. Lovely to have somewhere nice to go in the rain. With warm temps, it is good to know you won't melt with a little bit of wet.

    1. This is one amazing market with so much to see and lotsa good food, even other stuff as well. I don't worry much about the rain when it is warm.

  5. That is quite a meat counter for a FM. The produce is sure well presented.

    1. Yes it is, lotsa of Meat vendors there with great selections too.

  6. That looks like a fantastic farmers market!! The produce looks great!!
    We sure have had our share of rainy days so far this summer!

    1. It sure is a wonderful farmer's market, I think the best we have ever been to and keep coming back.
      Yes we have had lotsa rain.

  7. That is a great price for a homemade pie. Your produce always look so great. No blueberries here until August.

    1. It is a good price and yummy too. Lotsa great produce here and fairly reasonable, not as cheap as Mexico though.


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