Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great sunny Saturday, soccer game and why do I blog everyday ?

Where are we today ?
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        First thing I need to say after chatting with daughter number 2 at the soccer game today. Why do I blog and take so many pictures all the time. My answers I thought were pretty simple, but she got a chuckle out of them. Number one I take pictures so that I can remember what we did all day. Sometimes nothing exciting but this way I can remember and then at the end of the day I can look at the pics and say yup thats what we did. and then I can write my blog post around the pictures, Plus I do add a few things that come to mind as well. Now If I did not do this every day it would be overwhelming.  I would loose my energy, forget what we did, and not even bother to post anything. The main thing is we can look  back on all the things we have done, places we have been and people we have met over the years. 11 years now full-time that is a lot of memories ! We actually go back quite a few times to check out things. Heck it is a journal, or diary on line, really works for us. And maybe someday when I can't remember my name we can go back and say hey I think that was us, did we really do that?

          Now back to today, not a bad night at all. Nice and cool, for sleeping, windows open and we slept till about 6:30 am today, that is almost unheard of for me !
         But the coffees' done and a walkabout town for a bit at 8 am, still nice and quiet with the mourning doves calling us.
across the road behind us  love the open fields 
looking north on river road so peaceful too.
          After a bit back home, we have the morning sun on our site under the willow trees is a perfect way to start an early day.
love it here
          Just after 9:15 am we hopped in the car for the short drive to Drumbo. Grandson number 4 is playing soccer at 9:30 and love to watch him play when we are in the area.
That's him there with the red socks
       We enjoyed an hour of great soccer here sitting in the shade then the sun. It is so great to see these guys having fun and enjoying it too.
in action
he is making a serve
I am waiting, lets go !
more action shots
love this shot, yes he has 2 legs, one ready to kick
here we are watching all the action
bringing Mom a schedule of more games
That was the action for today again they won another game
great plays guys
            Ok that was a fun morning so home for a light lunch and I whipped into New Hamburg. for a few supplies and get a prescription filled. While I was gone Suzie dusted  and polished our coach inside NO VACUUMING yup I think she loves our new floor., Swiffer dust and swiffer wash the floor in no time flat ! Wow it looks and smells so clean now!
Now we have a bit of time to enjoy our e-readers
          Got some good reading done for a while then I get restless and it's getting pretty warm 85f (29C) at 3 pm. So I can go and enjoy this refreshing pool here. Why not nobody else around right now? Maybe later. But is quiet right now.
         Read a bit more then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of Hayter's Turkey Burgers with Onion and Parsley that we love. Along with that I grilled a couple of slices of turkey bacon to go with them on an English muffin.
sure smells wonderful
burgers dressed, and our green salad plus the rest of our cucumber salad
 and fresh local strawberries, sure hit the spot tonight.
        Now supper done, dishes done and we can enjoy more of this wonderful weather outside in the shade. Post this blog and read a bit more until we decide to call it a night usually around 9 pm we can head inside.
         Thanks for taking the time to see what we doing, nothing much more than enjoying this amazing lifestyle, hope your day was a good one as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I do believe that your blog of your moving now and then has been a big part of my travel change announced in my blog yesterday. I feel that I NEED to move a good bit more at a slower pace rather than staying so long in one place (2-3 months) like I have been doing. Thank you for the nudge.

    1. Your welcome Barney, we have always found the need to move, change of scenery etc,. That is why we went full-time, to move around from place to place we get that itch usually every week or two just to go somewhere and many wonderful places we have been. Moving around taking your time and enjoy the journey will help you have too much fun.

  2. I love to watch young kids playing sports. It is so good for them in every way!! Congratulations on the win!!!
    A blog is such an excellent way to journel. It does help you remember where you've been and all the good friends you've met along the way. Now we have a part 1 and a part 2 to our blog since we actually full-timed twice!!

    Great pictures of that soccer game!!

    1. Thanks for the congratulations, we always enjoy the kids having fun playing sports.
      The blog sure does help us remember a great journal.

  3. We like daily blogs and lots of pictures from a readers point of view. Blogs are record keepers of your lives..especially if you record repairs, camp sites, etc.

    1. We do like the daily blogs as well, it give people and idea of what a full-time river's lifestyle can be like. And of course keep a good record of our travels.

  4. I take pictures and write a blog around the pictures most of the time. It is a memory helper. I don't blog every day and I don't read blogs every day. However, then I play a little catch-up but that's okay. Being able to go back and read those blogs sure is triggers the memory and it's a lot of fun too.

    1. Like you said the pictures are memory helpers and it is a lot of fun to go back and see what we did years ago.

  5. Good explanation of why we blog every day. I think even though some of us have different styles to our blogs, it is still a good way to remember. Really, it isn't a whole lot different than a journal if you were living in a sticks and bricks but we are living where we want and can move around whenever we choose.

    1. That's right Patsy everyone has their own style and reasons for blogging. The beauty of this lifestyle is our homes have wheels and we can travel with our own house.

  6. As we were reading your first paragraph..I kept saying, Yep, Yep, Yep..all the reasons I blog. I can't say how many times we'll say, what were we doing last year? or 3 years ago? Go back and look (even though I'm not always a daily blogger)..Love your blog's a part of our daily reading!

    1. Hey works for me and blogging is a part of my day that I enjoy among other things.
      Thanks for following right along with us.

  7. If I didn't blog, the photos wouldn't mean anything. Yours never seems boring and you are always upbeat.

    1. Thanks Jan that is my thoughts as well. Glad you enjoy our blog and I do like to always keep upbeat, makes life much more enjoyable.


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