Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A pretty decent warm day ,mostly cloudy, some lawn mowed, swim in the pool and enjoy some more page turner books.

Where are we today ?
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      We gonna have another pretty decent day again, starting with a bit of fog but still very warm and humid. No problem we can handle this for sure.
Just after 7 am a mild fog to the east of us
hiding the sunrise
        I headed on down the road for my early morning walkabout town, the fog in the fields across the road is much more but only for a short while. Before I headed out took a bunch of chicken bones from the freezer to boil down and make a tasty broth for some chicken soup. We have the stuff and love our homemade soups any time, so why not?
across the road more foggy for a bt
         Added all my stuff  then shut it down for a bit. Took Suzie to pick up our Mail at her brothers and stopped into New Hamburg to fill up the 5 gallon gas can for the lawn mowing.
           Back home to finish the soup and a bite for lunch. The soup sure hit the spot and of course leftovers for more lunches.
here we go again more homemade soup
that we both enjoy. Perfect lunch anytime 
       Lunch done skies overcast but not raining yet, So I hopped on the mower to for an hour to cut the back 1/3 of this property. Done just in time before the rain started. Good timing.
Some rain but we quite comfy and dry under our awning
      Heck it was still 85 f (29C) 3:00 pm no wind a light rain, no thunder or lightening I felt like another dip in this lonely pool here, just because I can. So thats what I did, so refreshing as usual.
     We still have mosquitoes around but our OFF thingys we have used for years work wonderful plus our Citronella torch works wonders as well.
OFF things just clip it on keep the bugs away
         The torch works great as well. We don't like to use bug sprays or lotions these really seem to work for us.
This citronella torch works great for us
we spent the afternoon outside reading
         Then as usual time to whip up supper, Preheat our Weber Q , made our salad and grilled the last of our Turkey Garlic sausage that we love.
oh so tasty they are too
       Thats it supper done and we can head back outside enjoy this wonderful weather. Read for a while post the blog and listen to the mourning doves like we do every day.
this does a great job keeping the bugs away
      Here we are still in shorts, sandals and t-shirts just enjoying another wonderful summer evening outside. This is the life for sure.
     Think I will post this now only 7:30 but all done so now I can get back into my book again.
     Thanks again for stopping in and hope you had a wonderful summer day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I always wondered of those clip on Off things worked. Good to know.

    So nice that you have your own private pool :)

    1. We have had good luck with the OFF clip ons for a few years now. I do enjoy the pool but don't like crowds works wonderful.

  2. We have used the off clip ons as well, with good luck. Also, warm fog is very nearly unheard of in the west, I can hardly imagine such a thing. And...what are you reading that is a page turner....I need one.

    1. The Off clip ons do work pretty good for us.
      It was a warm fog here but was soon gone. I just finished Some Robert Crais books and now Elizabeth Lowell, tell me no lies, all pretty good reads on my Kobo.

  3. Looks like you had plenty of low clouds settling into your area. As long as it warms, it doesn't matter. Enjoy the day.

    1. That's right does not matter the day was wonderful.

  4. It was an on again off again day for rain but mostly off which was great for the sale. It was sure warm and we don't mind either. We use the spray or lotion for bugs and don't mind doing that since it is what I have. My sister uses the Off clip ons around their fire pits. Whatever is necessary to keep them skitters OFF! :)

    1. That's good the weather was not bad for the sale. Hope it went well and yes warm is wonderful.l.
      Whatever works for the bugs is great and all is good.


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