Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 07, 2017

Started with rain, sunny and hot all day and ending with rain, a pretty good day for us.

Where are we today ?
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       Just more great summer weather, a bit of a rainstorm overnight with some thunder and lightening , but that is just fine, we are in bed and it's dark out there anyway.
        Did start a nice walkabout just after 7 am, but the weather gods had predicted thunderstorms about 8 am. So I did not go too far. and they were right on the money, 8:03 am the skies opened  up along with winds and thunder. Boy did it come down for about 20 minutes.
we had a downpour
         But before 9 am the skies were clear, sunny and warm again love it.  I made a quick trip for a few groceries home 20 minutes later. I had intended to stop into the farmers market in Forest but got totally sidetracked and forgot until I returned home. Oh know, my old age memory is kicking in.  Then we just enjoyed the rest of a very nice hot sunny day. Temps got only to 88f (31C) with a slight breeze but we are in the shade and was wonderful.
        After a light lunch I puttered around for bit with a few odd jobs and read in between. I can only sit and read for a short time so this works for me. Did chat with a few people and just enjoyed this wonderful weather. At least we were outside all day, just the way we like it. Thats me read a bit, putter around a bit, walkabout a bit, read some more, a nice relaxing day.
our view most of the day, not too shabby
          Next thing we know it is time soon time for supper, Walt dropped by with Maya for a Suzie fix, then time for supper.
Doggie fix for Suzie with Maya such a sweetie
           Suzie's turn tonight to make supper so on her menu was a Pizza from the Country Cafe in town. This small corner Cafe makes amazing pizza and is reasonable priced. Very close to what I made for 10 years in my restaurant, hand stretched fresh dough with  fresh veggies , great sauce and a wonderful mozzarella cheese. Sue there at the Cafe sure knows how to make a good pizza that's for sure.
my half with olives and hot peppers
Suzie your choice for supper tonight was excellent, thanks
And of course leftovers for lunches
         Here we are still outside enjoying this evening, as it cools down a bit and storm clouds heading our way, Maybe and maybe not it will hit us but we ready to head inside when it does. Only about 7:30 but no complaints at all with this kind of weather at all. A light rain starting now but we under our awning, not a problem with no wind.
        Not much more going on here and as usual the weekend after the long weekend is usually quite quiet. Not a problem here.
         Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you enjoy a pretty decent relaxing day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Gotta have rain to grow that grass so you have something to cut! ;c)

    1. Don't cut it here, but probably next week in Plattsville.

  2. No rain here at all, which surprised us. We saw London was getting it at news time but it went around. Great day, too warm to work in the sun so glad I didn't have anything to do!

    1. Just the early morning and late night rain and a nice hot day in the middle. We did everything outside , like taking it easy on the shade, perfect !


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