Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hanging out at the Ridge, visit friends for Happy hour and meeting a fellow Blogger.

Where are we today ?
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     Another day of pretty perfect weather. Got the coffee and computing mostly done  and out for my first walkabout before 7 am. Down the lane and west to Baptist Church road and back. Love the quiet peaceful country side here the only noise I heard was the bur frogs in the pond and the cows mooing in the field down the road on the other side.
whatcha looking at?
back to doing what they do best, eat
this guy was catching his back on a branch
nice peaceful country road 
the reeds by the pond
the pond so scenic, listening to the bullfrogs
when I got back there is Clemson on Suzie's knee
more doggie fix
     Puttered around for a while then we took a drive with Bill and Patsy over to Acreage to get some water for their Suite. They have a 50 gallon water bladder that they fill and pump it into the 100 gallon holding tank. This way they don't have to move their trailer to do so. Pretty easy.
this is a first, Clemson on my knee 
water bladder ready to fill

takes only a few minutes then full
this works pretty slick, and folds flat for storage
now just hook up a pump and fill their water tank
         Now this all done by 10 I made a quick trip into town for a few food items we needed.
love this mural at the main intersection of Durham
     Then just before 3pm into Durham to visit another RV couple we all know and spent time with over the years especially last winter in the southwest desert. Rob and Pat. Always nice to get us all together again when ever we can.
Clemson loves sitting in Suzi'e knee
       Then at Rob and Pats place in Durham for Happy hour. And Pasty's sister Donna and Gerry stopped by to join us. Another sister of Patsy's. We slowly meeting a lot of her family.
Rob and Patsy
Suzie, Pat and Bill
Bill , Donna and Gerry,. time for refreshment
oh and a few snacks for Happy hour
a well trained doggie dancing
       For supper tonight a couple of Wagyu and Lobster burgers. I saw at a Presidents choice store yesterday and wanted to give them a try. For info on these you can click HERE. Not too bad but mostly beef , they were extremely tasty and moist, no compliants here. Would be buy the, again? Maybe we still have 2 more.
a few minutes of our Weber Q 
because we could added a few french fries, fry Daddy right here
 and dressed the burgers they were very tasty
        After supper just puttering around relaxing and reading for a while then we had expected company. A fellow blogger we have all followed for quite a few years.
          The Fury Gnome of Season's in the Valley  stopped by for a wonderful visit and actually meet us 3 bloggers face to face. What a fun time we had.
Patsy showing FG around
Bill, Furry Gnome, Mrs. Fury Gnome and Patsy
comparing fancy cameras
just before they left I grabbed a shot, Bill, Mrs. FG, Suzie, Patsy and the Furry Gnome himself.
yes he is a real person.
     What a fun time chatting like we could have done for hours. as fellow bloggers we have a feeling that we know a bit of these people and what they do. Really do enjoy his blog her takes some amazing photos, in and around southern Ontario, Georgian Bay and the Niagara escarpment .
now to wind up a wonderful day with friends and great weather
we have an amazing sunset
       These wonderful summer days just keep happening, Really gotta love it.
       Glad that y'all stopped by and just know you had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Thanks for all the nice words about my pictures George. We really enjoyed meeting you and Suzie, along with Bill and Patsy. It was a great visit, and nice to put real people to the blog reputations!

    1. Yes Stew it was a great visit, it was so much fun meeting you and your wife and actually talking face to face. Thanks for the wonderful fresh garlic too.

  2. Sounds like a really busy day and getting together with lots of people and other bloggers. Glad you had a good time together with perfect weather.

    1. It was a fun busy type of day, not rushed enjoying the weather and chatting with a few people as well.

  3. Such a good day, seems like we did a lot but it was pretty easy to take! Great to meet FG and Mrs. FG

    1. It was a wonderful day, yes we did a lot, but at such an easy relaxed pace, it was great to meet them.

  4. Thinking you need to get a dog of your own so you can have doggie fixes all the time. :c)

    1. I have dogs over the years, other people's dog are nicer, like grandchildren , visit with them, spoil them then send them home, Less expense and not tied down either. lol...

  5. Another awesome day! How nice to meet more bloggers. I have to agree with your dog comment, we love them but because we are gone so much we enjoy other people's for now. Later on, once we are more tied down then we'll get a little companion. Beautiful sunset!

    1. Thank guys was a wonderful day, so nice to finally meet the Fury Gnome and not have the responsibility of a pet now.


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