Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunny and warm, Pinery Flea market just enjoying a wonderful summer day.

Where are we today ?
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     Just more of this same wonderful summer weather. And it is Sunday after some morning walkabouts we headed into Grand Bend and check out the Pinery Flea market. Only been coming here for over 40 years but still enjoy checking this place out. Check the vendors all set up in the bush here and the atmosphere is wonderful Most times we find something we need, mostly consumables but thats just fine.
About 9:30 not too busy yet
         Lots of deal here but you do need to check prices before you buy like most markets.
look good but found a better deal elsewhere 
weather today was perfect for the market
not too busy yet
love it here in the bush
      Stopped in the Pepperette guy but no extra hot for me, no problem I still have a bit of a stash. But  did pick up a package of hot for Melinda and mild for Gerry.
these have to be the best pepperettes in Ontario, bar none
         Lots of other interesting things to see as well.
now we did buy some of these Kumato's (heirloom tomatoes )
very different and quite tasty
here was a deal on Peppers, but we don't eat much of these
a buck a bag!
     Home by 11:am and enjoyed a nice light lunch. Then a walkabout for a while and over to check out Gerry and Melinda's new flooring install almost done and looks amazing!  As we walked over Tucker made a bee line for Suzie and would not go back home , but he was right on her heals as she headed into their trailer.
Tucker right on her heals 
she sat on the couch for a bit and of course he was right there

then we home to enjoy a wonderful warm sunny afternoon
enjoying our e-readers
        Like I usually do read a bit and putter around a bit. Between chapters I dumped our sewage. stored our hoses, check tire pressures, and oil levels, had a shower  and stowed our awning.
Suzie has a shady spot back here under the trees.
        Soon time for supper so I whipped up our salad and grilled a couple of shrimp burgers that we found and really enjoy. On an english muffin.
          Added to our salad and I made some easy shrimp sauce. Ketchup, lemon juice, horseradish and tabasco sauce is all it takes, and so simple to make. Some lettuce and tomato made for an excellent shrimp burger.
sure hit the spot
      After supper outside to relax and Walt stopped by with Maya. He had no intension to stop but Maya dragged him here to see Suzie. Then Tucker same running over  as well. Suzie does spoil these dogs with love and affection.
oh Suzie feels so good
      Then read a bit more Peter and Jany stopped by to say Hi for a bit , catching up with them again, we do see them usually a few times a year.
      That was our wonderful day just enjoying this great weather, fresh air and exercise. In the morning we secure the coach and head back to camp awesome for a week. Looking forward to it again.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop in and see what we are having too much fun doing, hope your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. More fun at the flea market. I don't recall ever seeing purple or are they black sweet peppers. I wonder what they taste like?
    Safe travels this morning to Camp Awesome.

    1. They are purple peppers , taste about the same just a different colour add contrast to a dish.


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