Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Happy Canada Day 150 years young, busy day, and a live band here and fireworks to enjoy tonight winding down our Canada Day Celebrations.

Where are we today ?
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      Just more amazing weather again to start the day, Canada. Day and Canada's 150 th birthday . So glad that we can be here as Canadians and enjoy our free country. Mind you we do head south across the border and really enjoy the USA in the warm winter months. We don't much have that choice here.
Canadian  Quarter
love this maple tree we saw in Buckhorn Ontario Last summer
         My early walkabouts this morning before everyone woke up was so peace full. Campground pretty well full.
The geese in the pond bottom feeding
the orchard is pretty full
pretty full everywhere 
     Walt got here about 9 am he has been in the go since 6 am. Unloaded our storage stuff and set to work doing the trim. he helped me reinstall the pantry with a few adjustments and a few other things. He had lots trim work to do.
       A few people stopped by to check things out and then his family arrived about noon. At this time we ran out of material. and because of the Canada Day holiday nothing is open. So just told him to pack it up and have some family time. He does take Sundays off. Heck the guy needs some time off for sure I know I was in business myself. He will be back maybe Monday to finish the trim and caulking, we should be good to go. The coach really looks awesome, we just loving it!
before I put the pantry back 
pantry back in place
our house is lived in again
bathroom and bedroom looks great too

        Now after a later lunch and his tools gone, and a major thunderstorm about 1:30 with high winds, thunder and lightning for about 30 minutes. Just about the time for the Canada Day Parade in Arkona at 1 today we did not go.Everything calmed down sun came back out and we can enjoy great afternoon temps up to 85 F feels like 95f. But this was after I whipped over to Diane and Dons. to re setup up their Shaw dish that went funny on them. I do like helping people out when I can it was not a big issue. They now have the Dish working again.
now to enjoy some reading before time to whip up supper.
what a wonderful relaxing afternoon we had.

       About 4 pm I started our porkribs on our Weber Q for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
in the sauerkraut for about an hour or so
ready for the grill mat and sticky sauce
nicely glazed and fall off the bone tasty and tender
satisfied another craving and was great
      There is band playing tonight outside the clubhouse at 8 pm that we plan to enjoy , weather permitting. The weather permitted so we sat with a few friends to listen to rock and roll for about an hour, As usual it was loud but at least we were outside and had fun with friends here.
Stephanie's Dragon 
fun with friends
the Band Diamond Dust, Rock and roll 
kids here having a ball
We had a wonderful evening, outside listening
to the live band
        About 9:30 we called it quits with the band and headed home. Too relax outside on a very nice evening. We could actually here the band very clearly right from our site too. So finished this posting and read for a while before calling it a night and heading on inside just after 10 pm! What a perfect day we had.
       Now here it is after 10 p , the band still going strong, sounds much better from here and we can hear and see some wonderful fireworks going off everywhere , not sure where but some pretty close maybe even the south end of the park. but mostly in town. What a great way to celebrate Canada"s 150 birthday.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you long weekend festivities pan out for you today.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. What a nice day you had! Lots to celebrate, Canada is a wonderful place. Glad you had fun. :c)

    PS: The floor is looking fantastic!

  2. Happy Canada Day George and Suzie! Glad it was a good one for you too.

  3. Happy Birthday Canada. Looks like you had a fun day.

  4. Looks like party time! Love your floor.

  5. Your place is looking good~! We had a fun but rainy Canada Day in Ottawa. Had to make it here for 15O.

    1. Hey guys nice there form you again. Gland you enjoyed Canada day In Ottawa, even if it rained. . Another milestone for Canada. If you get this way stop by for a visit .

    2. Don't get mad - we were there for a week in June in Niagara Falls with the Escapee Ontario Chapter 18. Thought about you and Suzy but so busy and then we had to rush to TO for my nephew's wedding and visiting, time just flew by. Now in Montreal. Then Quebec and heading east for the next couple of months.Tired of the rain and grey skies, looking forward to sun~!~!

    3. We nor mad at all, just thought I would mention that you could meet up with us if you in the area. We all have our own plans and meeting up is always a funtime when it works out, If not maybe another time, the beauty of this lifestyle, Enjoy the East coast I have been there at least 7 times and love ir ! Travel safe.


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