Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 17, 2017

Moving on down the road, and no mosquitoes here as usual. More doggie fixes for Suzie.

Where are we today ?
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       Today was our last morning here in Plattsville for a bit. No rush to get going only a couple hours down the road to Rock Glen resort, here we get full hookups and no overnight fees with our membership . What's not to love about that?
       Headed out about 10 am , like I said no rush, Stopped a the Canadian Tire Gas bar in Stratford to fill our coach,(its been a while) Gas Buddy said it was a good price. .98.9 cents a litre compared to $1.08 most other places. Put in 190 litres so was a good savings ($19.00) and also got $11.00 in Canadian Tire money as well. Works for us!
       Then down the road to the Go Co to top up our propane only .62.9 cents a litre here another good deal. We do our research and pays off for us.
       Pulled into  Rock Glen resort just after noon, checked in, got set up on our site, had a quick light lunch,  All settled in for a week or so, 11 days I think.
nice and cozy here
      While I was doing this noticed a seasonal neighbour here had brought his cruising car that he had told me about. Gotta go check it out for sure !
1951 Chevy, in wonderful condition 
he did a very good restoration, did not want a show car
just an old car he could cruise around with
       Now for anyone interested the mechanical stuff he rebuilt the 6 cylinder engine, added a 4 Barrel carbonator, headers, dual exhaust and a 5 speed transmission. This car really moves and is an great street cruiser.  John  has done an amazing job.
what a great job looks good
        Now to hang out and enjoy this wonderful summer weather, , NO BUGS HERE !
        Just after 3 pm Tucker dropped by dragging Gerry along. Time for Happy hour yup we ready.
doggie fix for Suzie
see Tucker brought Gerry along
    Walt our friend and handy man stopped by for a cold beverage  (he did the flooring in our coach) Nice to see him again and always enjoy his company.
Walt looking at Ron giving him a hard time as usual
Always nice to see Ron's smiling face here
Walt brought Miya by and Suzie got another doggie fix
        Then again time for supper, Whipped up our salad and grilled some chicken drumsticks on our grill mat, added some BBQ sauce, just because I could for a change. Does not make a mess of the grill with the grill mat that cleans so easily.
yes a wonderful day here
drumsticks pretty tasty
salad , chicken, fresh strawberries was wonderful
          Now supper done, dishes done and we can enjoy another great evening outside, just enjoying more of this great weather. Here it is almost 8:30 and still in shorts, sandals . but I did put on a sweater just because I could. Blog is posted and can enjoy more  reading outside, Love this weather!
         Thanks for stopping by again and really hope you had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That 1951 Chevy is a beauty!! Your friend did a great job!!
    Looks like you all are settled in with lots of friends nearby!!
    Love that grill mat...gotta get one!!

    1. He did a wonderful job getting what he wanted, an older car to use everyday and reliable,
      We do love the grill mat, sure does some great things for us. and keeps the grill clean.

  2. Glad you got moved ok. We don't have skitters other than 9:30 and I'm usually not out then. We have little teeny tiny biters that like our faces for some reason and usually only around late afternoon for some reason. Ontario has flies, you're lucky if you don't get them!

    1. Thanks Patsy , one reason we like it here is no skeeters and of course the free camping too. Take care and enjoy some more great summer weather.

  3. No bugs! Lucky ducks! Love that old car.

    1. No bugs is wonderful and the car is a very sweet machine .

  4. 1951? They had cars back then? ;c)

    1. They sure did are were amazing vehicles compared to now.


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