Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 24, 2017

Getting things done on an overcast cool day.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it

     What a big change in the weather today. The weather Gods were right on, overcast, some drizzly rain and much cooler.  Instead of the 85F (29c) weather we have been having, it did not get above 65 F (18c). No problem we have been waiting for a day like this to do some other stuff. And we did get some nice cool weather things done.
       After some computing , coffees and walkabouts I took  bunch of chicken bones from the freezer to make a nice broth for some chicken noodle soup. While they were simmering I whipped into Forest for a few needed food supplies, of course Suzie keeps and eye on the soup broth while I am gone.
       Back home to finish this up and we enjoyed  a tasty lunch, nothing like homemade chicken noodle soup on a cool drizzly day.
perfect lunch for today
       Right after lunch still yucky out so I got out a package of this muffin mix below, just cause I could. Perfect weather to fire up the oven for a while take the chill off.
this mix is quick and easy
pretty reasonable too
we got 6 Blueberry muffins  that are pretty tasty,
not bad for a buck
this is what the skies looked like all day here
so no sitting outside, plus it was pretty windy
        After the muffins done I found it perfect weather to clean the windows in the car, then I set to detail the whole interior. Hey it's been a few years and was looking pretty tired especially after I vacuumed it all yesterday. This took a couple of leisurely hours but now our 13 year old car looks pretty pristine inside right now.
         Suzie had gone to Gerry and Melinda's for some computer help and was not home by 3 pm when I was done hmmm.. Oh yeah she had sent me a text 'Happy Hour" over there! would help if I turned my phone on right!
           So I wandered over there and Suzie was in her glory, Tucker on her lap a cold brew in one hand and I gave her another. Just look at the smile on her face!
        Also there was Walt (our Flooring Guy), His wife Barb and Gerry. Too miserable to be outside so this worked well for us in their Florida room.
we having a fun time here
Then Maya hopped on Walt's lap,
I thought this picture was priceless what a sweetie she is
       Soon time to head home for supper.  Tonight we gonna check out these Cornish Pasties we bought yesterday at the Gandpa Jimmy's Scottish Bakery in Grand Bend. Reheat them in the oven about 15 minutes. (we wanted the heat inside or would have done on our Weber ) These were very tasty, think maybe a bit of gravy they would be even better, maybe not as healthy but what the heck, they are good.
Cornish Pastie and our salad 
sure did the trick tonight
this was taken last night, much warmer when Tucker stopped by.
       Now it is 7 pm and the sun came out,, wow what a bonus! So lawn chair out computer and me. Gonna enjoy these sun rays and warmth while I can. Finish posting the blog and enjoy some reading in the fresh air while I can. 
        We do make the best of the weather when we can because that's what our lifestyle is all about, follow the sun.
       Thanks again for stopping by and hope you had a bit better weather than we did today. But heck we still have much more summer left to enjoy.    
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Oh my goodness. A genuine looking Cornish pasty there. Not normally associated with Scotland and Scottish bakeries though.

    1. No its not originally Scotland but this is as close to Cornwall England that I have found, no English Bakery around here but this one filled the bill.
      They sure were tasty,

  2. Perfect day to bake, clean, read and pack inside. :)

  3. I've come to realize you have trouble sitting still... ;c)

    1. LOL, you just figured that out now? Like to do a bit of something every day.just because I can.

  4. We've had some pretty hot days...heading up toward the 100 plus mark!! Today it's rainy and not so hot!!

    I so admire you because you are always happy with whatever comes your way!! It always makes me smile to read your blog!!
    That is a great pic of Maya!!🙂

    1. 100 is pretty warm but I can do that no problem. I can always cool, off.
      Thanks for enjoying my postings as far as I am concerned , every day we are upright and breathing is a happy one. I like to make the best of every day as you have figured out.
      I thought that was a great picture of her too, priceless.


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