Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Sunny warm relaxing Sunday and Roxy here adds to the fun.

Where are we today ?
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this is Roxy the Campground Mascot
       Sunshine and a very warm quiet morning today. Love the early walkabouts the campground when things are so peaceful.
      Chat with a few people here and there,walking their dogs mostly, then I  headed into Forest for a few groceries and to the Home Hardware Building centre in Watford to pick up 2 more pieces of trim for our flooring. Home by 10:30 and finished making a large pot of chicken noodle soup. From the broth I made yesterday with the chicken bones I had in the freezer, when the storm came through.
nice big pot of homemade soup
what a tasty lunch and a few more in the future 
      Rest of the day we did a few more walkabouts, chat with some friends, enjoyed this wondefuk warm day , up to 85F (29c) with a nice refreshing breeze. Enjoying our e-readers in the shade.What a perfect day it was.
         Nice thing about this friendly family campground is the children feel safe here and are. On one of my walkabouts a young guy about 6 years old asked me if I could fix the chain on his bicycle that came of his bike.. No problem, I did that and he said "thank you very much mister I appreciate it", Sure glad I could help him out and he was not afraid to ask me.
under our awning enjoying a wonderful summer day
        About 4 pm we wandered over to visit with Gerry and another couple for Happy Hour. We joined him, Graham, Jane and their dog Riley. Gerry  did get called out for a tour for a few minutes but did return. No problem we talked Grahams ear off I am sure.
Suzie sat down and Riley was right there to great her.
she is a wonderful dog.
Think Tucker was upset
      More doggie fixes then Tucker gave her a kiss later when Riley left.
       Soon time for us to head home just after 5 pm , gonna whip up supper. Tonight a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, That I now like to do on our grill mat, keeps them from drying out and still get the great grilled flavour and grill marks from our Weber Q.
this grill mat works great for these
      Just added our usual salad and sure hit the spot.
yummy? yes of course my hot sauce.
       After supper at 7 m the wagon rides begin. Tonight Mike is driving the tractor and looks like 3 wagon loads tonight, As usual everyone has a great time with Roxy right there to add to the fun.
Roxy adding to the fun
everyone is all smiles and having a ball.
just the way it should be when camping
         All in all it was a wonderful relaxing summer day for us, just enjoying this wonderful weather.  Still outside at 8:30 to finish this posting and enjoy the rest of the evening out here with my honey enjoying of e-readers with page turner books.
          Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. You look pretty good in that green outfit. Come on, we know it's you! :cD

    1. Awe shucks did not think you would recognize me.

  2. The kid with the bike chain problem sounds like he was very well brought up.

  3. Crikey .... I'm getting jealous of all Suzie's doggy mates. I sure hope she hasn't forgotten me!!

    1. Not to worry Charlie, you are always on our minds.

  4. Tucker's nose was out of joint while Suzie paid attention to Riley, too funny. Reminds me of someone very close to us. :) Great day in the park with lots going on.
    We don't have that but I do enjoy the peace and quiet up here even though our weather is funny!

    1. It was a great day nice to see everyone having a great time. But is still pretty peaceful at our sight, the long weekend brings out lots of people, then quiets down again.

  5. A wonderful campground with lots to do for the kids. Looking at the map, you guys are sure touring about this summer...

    1. Always lots of Kids activities on the weekends in the summer. It is one of the best parks we have ever been to. Very clean and organized.


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