Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Very busy day,more spring cleaning and non stop fun......

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Arkona Ontario
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         Another great night sleeping fresh and cool just what we love ! A few early morning walkabouts, then gonna do more spring cleaning.
         Walls and ceilings have been washed, woodwork mostly cleaned and polished. Next big job is to steam clean our upholstery and carpets, when the weather was good. We were gifted a wonderful Bissell Steam cleaner last winter while in the Hot springs by Holtville California. And only took it if we could find a place to store it in our coach, so we did.
          Today the weather was perfect, temps around 75 F and sunshine all day.
This be it
found a spot in our compartment
        Not sure if it worked but It did, and an amazing job. Even better than the ones we have rented over the years.
dinette cushions
carpet has never looked so good
        Then Happy hour at 3:30, Neighbor Joe had a chicken over a wood fire on his rotisserie, and looked wonderful !
      We came home to grill a couple Turkey Garlic sausage to add to our salad, sure hit the spot once again. Love this sausage !
a little sauerkraut  made it more wonderful
We got supper done in good time so headed down to the clubhouse at 6:30 for Thursday night darts.
I did win the 50/50 draw $4:50 and at the end of the night our team won $2.00 each, and we all had fun !
we had fun , it's been a while
        But me being the wuss I am at 9pm I headed home. We were only halfway done, at this rate we would not be done until close to 11 pm. Hmm...way too late for me.
         Not what I wanted to do must be getting too old for these late nights, early mornings, actually had a very busy day, carpet cleaning and all, not even time for a long walkabout, reading or the fitness centre.
         Time to call it a night , thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful spring/summer day as well.

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  1. I agree about having to find bed when tired. We are not sitting up until late hours either anymore. Too tired after a busy days.

  2. I could sure use your carpet cleaner right about now. The nights are still cool enough for good sleeping down here which is wonderful.

  3. Carpet looks great, bet you are glad you found space for it in the RV.


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