Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Pinery Flea Market, Mother's Day lunch, and fellow rver's stopped by for Happy Hour.

Where are we today ?
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        Just another wonderful day here in southern Ontario, Wonderful sunrise, great weather early morning walkabouts and the geese in the pond.
our destination for today
wonderful sunrise
one of 2 Geese families in the pond
        Shortly after 9 am we headed into the Grand Bend about 20 minutes away to check out the Pinery Flea Market, a place we love to wander about and check out on Sunday Mornings. This is their first Sunday of the season and the place was very busy !. More vendors than we have ever seen and parking lots pretty full. But not really crowded. I have been here so many times over the last 40 years know it well. Lots of nice improvements this year as well. Even ran into a couple from Plattsville, that have not seen for a few years. They used to operate the corner store in town.
New Donut Diner
really not too crowded
now this guy has the best Pepperettes ever,
 have been buying from him for years
Laser cut fire rings, are very nice
lunch area
this would be a great Towed, even has a Tow Bar
Suzie said no. :<(
       We left there just before 11 am and decided to take Suzie out for Mother's Day, a nice lunch at Grog's Pub and Grill down the road. They open at 11 am. Good plan to get there early on Mother's Day. Have been here in the past a very good food.
nice booth by the window
their Maritime Seafood chowder, made from
scratch is amazing we shared it
complimentary Mimosa
nice touch 
Suzie had the Shrimp Penne Alfredo
House battered fish and chips for me
fish is Hake, tasty
and Suzie got a carnation for Mother's Day as well
      Back home for a very nice afternoon , she had a nap and I went to the Fitness centre here for a wonderful 1 hour workout.
     Then I had a long hot shower in our coach checking for water leaks. Hey guess what? No  leaks that we can see maybe the problem is resolved. Fingers crossed.
      Later this afternoon our good friends Emile and Monique stopped by for a happy hour and catch up. We have not seen them since last fall At Galvin Bay resort. Full time travelling rv friends like us we do manage to connect a few times a year. They be here for a couple weeks so will get together with them again I am sure.

        Below is an update from yesterday
        Yesterday I did the water leak fix and here is few pics if you care.  Today I had a very long shower and looks like we may have fixed the problem.
access under the shower
floor is wet way back there
an arms  length away
accessed from the Kitchen Pantry
still not easy
       Below is a few shots of our amazing back ribs done on our Weber Q. Yesterday.
awesome as usual,
Our Weber Q does an amazing job
      That was it for a wonderful Mother's Day wrapping up with a wonderful sunset.
      Suzie even got a very nice text from daughter number 2,  Suzie has been in our lives for the past 26 years of her life (she 31 now). So very nice and thoughtful of her. Gotta love family.
     What a great day we had, sunshine and some cool north winds for a while , evening was great, no more wind.
      Thanks for stopping by.
       Supper tonight popcorn and an apple, that's all we need and love for a light meal.
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  1. Congrats on the water leak fix. What a nice day!

    1. Sure felt good to get the leak found and fixed.

  2. Looks like Suzie had a wonderful Mothers day

    1. I am sure she did, we enjoyed the day immensely.

  3. Looks like a well spent day and you ate very well.

    1. Yes it sure was, the ribs, were from the day before though.

  4. I love seafood chowder. It's amazing how every place you go to taste it, it's different. You never know what to expect. Glad to finally not see snow in your pictures but notice you're still wearing those heavy jackets. Summer is coming, really.

    1. The nights are cool and the north wind chilly, but the sunshine is wonderful and getting warmer by the day.

  5. Always nice to fix something! I checked out my water leak yesterday and it is a leaky pump body. I will take it out and tighten a few screws today to see if that works but I may just order a new pump anyway. They don't last forever.

    1. At least you found the problem, pretty easy fix.
      I replaced ours a few years ago, and did a fix on the old one and keep it as a spare, and for filling our fresh water when dry camping.

    2. Yes, even with a leaky body it would work as an emergency spare or to fill the tank.

  6. We really enjoy a good farmer's market. The firs rings are very nice.
    I love a good chowder. Yummy.

  7. What are pepperettes? I'm sure love to have some of that chowder today... it's cold, dark and rainy here... that chowder would be perfect!

    1. Pepperettes are like a tiny dried pepperoni, good for a snack, many various spices, I like mine extra hot. Mostly available in Canada, can be made from various meats. Go great with beer !
      Good chowder is wonderful anytime especially with that weather you are having.


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