Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 13, 2016

Cooler but we had sunshine most of the day and still too much fun

Where are we today ?
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       Again up early as usual (4:30) got computing done that I like to do watched the sunrise, the news, coffees, then a few walkabouts (only a couple miles around the campground) while it is still so quiet here, love this time of day!
        Many people here for the weekend a square dancing group having a great time. Most are camped in what we call the "orchard" electric and water only.
         I chatted with a few people catching up on a wonderful morning. And our new friends, Paul and Judy who are leaving today for a few days but will be back.
the orchard is full and a few other spots as well
       Came home and Suzie visiting neighbors, Tucker is there and she got to visit with them and him.
Tucker and Suzie 
the goose puppies are growing quickly
      Then after lunch, enjoying our e-readers outside for a while I headed over to the Fitness centre here in the park and had a very nice one hour workout. 
       Chat with few people on the way back then over to "Happy Hour" at Emile and Monique's. It is much cooler there as they are in the shade, so need to dress for that. As usual I talked too much. Hmm gotta remember to keep my mouth shut. But did get a few tips from Rob and Pat's son (Trevor) on how to cook a boneless, skinless wild turkey breast that we were gifted. He is the Wild Turkey hunter professional.
another nice "happy hour" but kinda cool on their site in the shade
          Home to whip up supper. Tonight a couple boneless pork chops I had marinated all day.and some grilled broccoli. cauliflower, and onions in foil with olive oil and garlic spices.
so tasty moist and tender, sure hit the spot
        What a great day we had cooler yes, but lotsa sunshine. And even nice enough to to enjoy the evening sunshine till after 8pm outside.We do enjoy a sunny site.
        Can't complain about that at all. Next few  days will be cooler, but will take them as they come. At least not too cold.
         Glad that y'all stopped by.
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  1. Those geese babies are sure growing up fast.... hope they all make it. I love that "happy hour" photo... everything from jackets and sweaters to tank tops! What interesting weather, huh?

    1. Interesting weather for sure, shorts on our site in the sun, add more clothes at their site 100 yards away, but shady..

  2. Sunshine helps make any day brighter !

  3. What a great day...thanks for posting the geese babies.

  4. Can it ever be "too much fun"? Enjoying good company, a nice meal and wonderful surroundings is what life should be about all the time.

    1. Too much fun is what we aim for, and we never get too much if it. Is that possible ?


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