Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, May 09, 2016

Rock Glen Falls and doggie sitting makes a fun day.

Where are we today ?
clic on a pic to enlarge it
         Again more wonderful weather, sunny skies and temps into the 60's eventually today, still waiting for warmer though. We will take this no problem, love the sunshine.
        Wonderful walkabouts and across the road to Rock Glen Falls, so quiet and peaceful there except for the roar of water rushing over the falls, gotta love it !
river heading to the falls
just before the falls
stairway to the falls on the other side
Rock Glen resort, looking across the falls
love going down there under the falls
in the summer, stairs not open yet
       Then Suzie did some more spring cleaning, washing walls, cupboards etc and I cleaned all the inside windows. Time to do the laundry and it is right across from us , very handy. While we had a nice light lunch.
$1.25 wash $1:25 to dry
       Now to enjoy some outside reading our e-readers, enjoy the warm, sun and lotsa birds around us. Many Robins too.       
        Now we had the opportunity to to "Doggie sit". Gonna watch Tucker for a while when his Mum and Dad went for supper. Special treat for both Suzie and I (doggie fix).
Oh Suzie that feels so good!
where is Mum and Dad?
     Now time for our supper. preheat our Weber Q to grill a bone in Turkey Breast to go with our salad.
love Turkey just like we do chicken
      We went inside to eat and now Tucker wants to play with Suzie ! But he settled down while we ate.
so moist and tender the turkey was
       I was asked yesterday "what are Pepperettes?" I guess they are a Canadian version of pepperoni. Small dried, smoked small pepperoni snacks spiced many different ways, from Honey garlic to mild, medium, hot up to suicide and so on. Wiki explains it HERE
love these, extra hot for me

       After supper Tucker's Mum and Dad were home and came over to visit for a bit. He wanted to play so we had him chase our tennis ball for a while.He sure got a good workout and finally slowed down.
Tucker bringing the ball back
        There ya go we had a wonderful day of "doing nothing". With this lifestyle the days just seem to evolve into interesting fun ones. Never Know what we will be doing next. So nice to be flexible.
         Hope you had a great day doing nothing too. Thanks for stopping by again.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Was it hard for Suzie to give Tucker back? Cute dog for sure! :c)

    1. Not sure don't think so, we do see him every day when we are here.

  2. Crikey .... has Tucker been on a diet? He doesn't look at all tubby in those pics. That waterfall walk sure is pretty. I'd like to go for a swim there. And I'd like to stick my choppers into that peperette stick. It sure looks good but I might come unstuck if I did, aye??

    1. Not sure is he is on a diet he does get a fair bit of exercise though. The water is still pretty cold here. But the waterfall is nice in the summer. This pepperette stick is probably to hot and spicy for you, but we can get milder ones..

  3. That is a very pretty area. Thank you for the tour.

  4. Now I know... my son was always eating "Slim Jims" when he was a young teenager... they are exactly how you described a pepperette. That waterfall hike looks like a good one... I'd like to walk under the falls, too.

    1. These are similar to Slim Jim's but are smoked and dried, not made in a huge factory, much prefer these one.
      The waterfall are is wonderful.

  5. the falls look nice... not sure how we missed them when we traveled thru there

    1. You would have driven very close to them on your way to Michigan from St. Mary's, too bad you missed them.

  6. Don't recall you taking photos of the falls before. Nice. Glad you had a good weekend and got your lead repaired.

    1. I posted pictures of the falls years ago, even right from the base of the falls, but the stairway is under repair right now.
      Fixing the leak finally is a nice relieve.


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