Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sun. Feb 13th 2011,Ozona Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

346 miles today

      We had a nice night at Mission Rv park in El Paso. Up early as usual, computing, coffees, walkabout then on the road at 7:50am. It easy with a pull thru site, secure a few things, pull in the slide and disconnect from electricity and away we go, under this overpass and eastbound on I-10.
nice overpass
      Sunday mornings are a nice day to travel, especially since monday is a holiday here (Presidents Day), very little traffic and good weather. Very few vehicles passed us all day, here is one below, a pickup truck towing a flatbead trailer, on it is a hardtop camper, impressive Baha Buggy and a motorcycle.
full load
       As I mentioned yesterday this is a long stretch of good highway thru Texas and the speed limit posted is 80 mph (130kph) and even then with nothing around you but desert you barely notice the speed. We don't drive that fast thou 65mph is plenty fast enough for us.
speed limit
       With the good road and very little traffic we just cruised along, watching the scenery, daydreaming, chatting, planning and Suzie checking things on the internet as we travel. The rest areas are every hour or two apart and its nice to pull off the road stretch, a quick walkabout then back on the road refreshed.
nice tile work in rest area open air washroom
      We were passing Fort Stockton and stopped at a Burger King for lunch, something we have not had for a very long time. Then back on the road for a bit longer enjoying the travel day like we always do. We see mountains, hills, desert, dry river beds, a brush fire, plateaus, wind farms and below we could see this from miles back. Not sure what it is or how it was formed but quite interesting. It does not look man made thou.
what is it?
      We decided today to stop at the Circle Bar RV park just outside of Ozona Texas. The county seat for Crockett County (named after colonel Davy Crockett) Its just off the interstate away from any cities, suites us just fine. After fueling up our coach we pulled into the Circle Bar RV park and checked in. It was about 2:30 pm but the time zone change made it 3:30pm. We can relax now we are not in any hurry..
Circle Bar RV
       Checked in drove around to a nice pull thru site and plugged into their electricty and cable tv, open the slide, and the windows to cool things down, and we have free wifi too.
all pull thru sites with colourful garbage cans
        A walkabout the resort to stretch my legs and check out their Auto Museum, a glassed in building fully heated and air conditioned that you can walk around and checkout the displayed performance vehicles, race cars and boats inside, it appears all sponsored by Circle Bar, in the 1980's and 1990's.
Auto Museum
one of many nice cars
       Right behind us is the office, washrooms and Party Barn (Club House). No parties tonight its sunday. They have a pool, but its outside and not heated so I think we will pass today even thou it is 80 f.
party barn
       When we checked in we got a discount as we almost always do, one way or another and we also get a 15 % discount from the nice restaurant right across from us. But we spent our food budget for today so some left over chicken and potato salad will have to do. And we do love our chicken!
       After supper, chat a bit and watch a movie on TV. What a wonderful life this retirement is, just wandering about exploring, enjoying the sites and sounds of new and different places.

       What will Monday bring?? The RV is fueled up, we are anxious and the camera is ready so lets hit the road. Come back and check us out.
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  1. the hill you pictured is near the town of Bakersfield I think and it was man made as there is an old (maybe active) gravel business carving the "tip" up...

  2. hey Duke50 don't think we were new Bakersfield we were in Texas, but it was cool none the less.


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