Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sat. Feb.19th 2011 Rockport Texas

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

       Well we have been here (New Braunfels/Sattler Texas) for 5 days and time to get "On the Road Again". Gotta keep theses wheels turning. This morning overcast and drizzly again but we pack up and are mobile by 8:50am. About a 3 and 1/2 hour leisurely drive today, no interstates, no big cities, we can take the back roads thru farm country. They are good paved two lane highways with very little traffic From New Braunfels to Rockport with a posted speed limit of 70mph (112kph), but nobody here is in a hurry, so 55 mph is good.
todays route
      As we were winding by the river leaving the campground there was quite few avid fishermen getting ready for the Troutfest weekend here on the Guadalope River.
       Driving was good for the most part just enough drizzling rain for the wipers and get our coach and car real dirty. I wanted to wash it anyway, it was late last fall when I last washed it and this is the first time it has gotten dirty. The farm country was drab looking because of the overcast weather, but still a nice drive.
good roads
       We did occasionally come across an oil rig in the middle of nowhere, but this is Texas after all.

oil rig
       Getting closer to Rockport we drove west along the Gulf for a bit then the causway across Copano Bay that has a fishing pier right beside it, this almost runs all the way across the bay.
Copano Fishing Pier
across the bay
       Well by 12:30 we were at our campsite and setting up. This is quite a huge resort that we have not been to since our first trip south in 2006. Not much has changed here except that maybe its getting a little run down. Apparently they drilled for and struck oil in this park a few years ago, so now there is a small fenced in area for the oil machinery "private property" that we have to drive around to get to our site. But the Rockport area is real nice, right on the Gulf of Mexico (one block away), we have our own lovely home, electricity, water and sewer hookups and free camping for 2 more weeks.
nice spot
       One thing we did notice as soon as we stepped outside of our coach was the humidity. Wow it was hot and humid, sticky! Only about 80f (26c) but humid, we have been in the desert for the last three months with next to no humidity, what a big difference. But we have sun and shade and can sit outside reading until almost 6:30pm. We do need to stop for the supper, thing so I whipped up some wings and fries with veggies and dip and of course the required hot sauces for me. Another great day, thanks for stopping by.
the wing thing, yummy

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  1. You're heading SOUTH!!! Yeah! What RV park are you in?

  2. We LOVE Rockport!!! And yes, Bay View does need some TLC. Have you done the wildlife refuge boat tour? Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Been getting back at it!

  3. Timandellen have not done the boat tour yet, maybe check it out, thanks for the tip.


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