Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sat. Feb. 26th 2011, Rockport/Fulton Texas

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       Saturday morning and once again overcast and just a drizzly mist in the air, not enough to get the ground or even your clothes wet just, almost like solid clear air, and about 84f (30c) most of the day. Computing and coffees then at 9:00am to the clubhouse for the popular cinnamon buns they bake it the kitchen every saturday and sell for a dollar each. These are large and sweet enough that we can just share one, so yummy.
cinnamon bun
       After this I went to the store for a few groceries, we are waiting for the sun to shine so we could go to the saturday market. I got back home and noticed a huge wrecker (tow truck) getting ready to pull a damaged trailer away. We had not noticed it before, but it was severely damaged.

       The story that was going around here was that fellow that brought this 39 ft 5th wheel trailer in last November had hit a cement retaining wall at the entrance to the resort, then continued to drag this trailer thru the park with one wheel missing, a bent axel and a flat tire on the other side, he damaged roads, a few trees and hit a car before he somehow managing to put it on this site. Apparently had he been staying in it waiting to settle with this insurance company that supposedly will not cover the damage.
let's take a look here
       This wrecker had come in from San Antonio 2 hours away to mobilize this trailer and move it to a repair shop in New Braunfels Texas, some 160 miles away. 

lotsa damage
big wrecker and a dolly for the trailer
       Well in a campground if something out of the ordinary happens you have a lot of very curious onlookers. So people gather round take pictures, chat, get chairs and watch the show, it becomes a social event.  Everybody wants to see how he can transport this trailer.

across the road
our group
       The driver of the wrecker meticulously began to lift this very heavy trailer with lots of lumber a large hydraulic jack and some expertise.  Back and forth cautiously lifting and balancing until he was able to get it high enough in the air to roll his dolly under the axels.
getting there
just about
ready to roll
       Well it was about 1:30/ 2:00 o'clock when he was finally ready to hit the road with a 160 mile trip ahead at about 40 mph, he still has a long day ahead.

       Just about this time the drizzle stopped, sun came out and our friends arrived. They were given the site beside the wrecker and managed to wiggle their trailer onto this site before he pulled out This was Bill and Carol from Goderich Ontario and members of our home park, Rock Glen Resort. We have not seen them for a couple of years so it was very nice to catch up with them again.

       With chatting etc. and the sun out finally, it was now too late for the market so we got our chairs and books out to read for a bit while they continued to set up. Around 4:00 pm happy hour evolved again with a bunch of  us solving the problems of the world and all. Suzy and Rick next door had some pulled pork in their slow cooker with a tasty sauce, torillas, beans and fixings and suggested we share this with them. So I made a salad, Sharon and Jim brought a very tasty Christmas cake for desert and six of us had a delicious, impromptu supper. Bill and Carol had other plans. And can you believe it I forgot to take pictures!

      These two couples were going to the oldies dance at the clubhouse for 7:00 pm. We passed tonight as we have found that "oldies dances" are usually real oldies, and are more for listening than dancing other than a waltz or polka, (not what we enjoy) so for the $5.00 cover charge we passed.  But we did have another great day in south Texas and watched a good tv show after a little reading.

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  1. I sort of feel a bit sorry for the 5th wheel owner! You forgot to take photos cuz you were relaxing!!

  2. Contessa, apparently the 5th wheel owner would have done minimal damage if he had stopped when it happened, but by plowing thru the resort he did much more extensive damage.
    Yep I was relaxing, did not have to cook supper, so my routine was all mixed up.


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