Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 13, 2017

Loving the weather and the campground here in New Mexico, who is interested in attending Bloggerfest this year in Quartzsite?

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge itch is interested in attending Bloge
         Just another amazing day here in the southwest. Loving the state park and the weather ! Got the early morning stuff taken care of and a few nice walkabouts this area.
        What another wonderful different New Mexico State park to explore.
from our site at 7 am, love the views
        So many cactus to view that we have not seen since last winter.
my shadow is following me
           Then shortly after 8 am I ventured into Deming , to pick up a few things and visit the visitor's centre .
passed some cotton fields along the way
to town
        Home and had nice light lunch then a few more walkabouts enjoying this peaceful place to be. Viewing lots more cactus and scenery along the way.
never seen these before, interesting
     Then another walkabout  this garden nice trails here as well.
wonderful  brand new rest room , almost the best we have seen 
relaxed for a bit enjoying our e-readers
in the shade of the pavilion here
     Shortly after 1 pm over to the visitor's centre just to see what they have. Again very nice displays and information about this area.
       Now to enjoy more reading in the shade, and then Brenda and Len dropped by for happy hour after their sightseeing tour of the day. They filled us in and we had more interesting conversation and places to check out at some point.
      Soon time for us to whip up supper , cooler today only 82f (27c) and we decide to eat up our spaghetti squash with some homemade sauce I had in the freezer. An easy meal when we have electricity.  Nuke the squash for 12 minutes, heat up the sauce and use a hot dog bun to make some garlic bread with cheese.
    And while I did this we got to enjoy another wonder desert sunset.
shorty after 5 pm the sunset began
and we enjoyed it 
       Ok now 5:25 pm and the sun has set we can go inside and enjoy our supper.
this hit the spot and we will have leftovers ,
no problem with that
           Got a comment that you can read below from Shadow moss about Blogger Fest wanting to know if there is and interest in it this year. You can read that comment and reply to me or even to her, She asked me to post it here.
         Here we are still outside enjoying this amazing November weather at 7:30 pm , reading and posting this blog and still 70 f,(21C) , really what's not to love about that ?
      This is the message I got from Shadowmoss  (Paula)
       I'm just checking in. Also a request. Looks like I am may be hosting Bloggerfest this year. I'm trying to check  to see what the interest is. I will be in Quartzite in my motorhome. If you could put out the words that I'd like  to hear from anyone  who is interested in attending Bloggerfest on January 27th 2018 th probably back where it was last year at the pavilion in La posa  south. I would appreciate it. Els any other help that you think of would be appreciated.  My blog is at 

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Hi George and Suzie
    Re: Bloggerfest. You know I’ll be there in heart and spirit.

  2. Ummm, make that January 27, 2018. I may end up alone after all if I don't get the year right. :)

    1. Ok, Paula you are so right I fixed that, we will probably be in the area at that time too, Looking forward to seeing you again!

  3. What exactly is Bloggerfest? Sounds interesting.

    1. It is a get together of Bloggers and blog followers so that we can, meet these people in person. The last 3 years we got together for a few hours introduced ourselves and chatted, a nice way to meet these people who we have been following and even make more contacts. this is the link to last years.

  4. That sunset looked amazing. Rock hound looks like a really nice park, may have to check it out. Bloggerfest sounds interesting.

    1. Thanks Scott it was another wonderful desert sunset. Rock hound is a small park, almost always busy. Great to for search for rocks and gems. We in the group area that holds up to 4 overflow units.

  5. If you get a chance - go to Deming Museum - you will be very surprised & impressed ,even if museums aren't your thing.

  6. What a view!! Sounds like a great day, and the pics are fantastic. Enjoy your visit there.

  7. That’s a beautiful park! Love those views and all the cacti.

  8. Beautiful park! Dinner looks awesome! We don't use spaghetti noodles anymore thanks to you! Once again, awesome sunset! Not sure of our plans in Jan but if we are there we would definitely attend bloggerfest (and i"m thinking we will be in the area)...

    1. It is beautiful here, , we prefer spaghettis squash to regular pasta as well when we can get it. Would be great if you could make it as well.

    2. That would be great, Ken and Shirley! We will be in the Q then as well and will likely attend Bloggerfest.

  9. Bill and I will be at Quartszite as well so will probably attend Bloggerfest too.
    Great sunsets, thank you George!

    1. We plan to be there as well, thanks for dropping on by.

  10. Great views and the sunset was beautiful.
    We are hoping to be in Quartzsite during this time and if we are there we will be attending Bloggerfest.

  11. What is not to like about those views!! Gorgeous!!!
    Very nice sunsets pics too!!!
    You have a very nice spot there...beautiful views and great weather!!

    1. Yes nothing wrong with this at all we sure are loving it!


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