Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why Full Time Rv-ing? And a very cold windy day here near the end of April.

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
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        Ok, so here is a few things I put together in case anyone is interested.

         Seems like an easy answer right? We live in our RV. Well there is a bit more to it than that. Quite a few people have asked us that and giving it some thought I will attempt to answer some questions for you.
        First of all we researched the possibilities, so much to consider. There is websites, books, blogs and even seminars about full timing ring. It is amazing how many people are out there enjoying this lifestyle.

Q: How much will this lifestyle cost?
A: Keeping track of our expenses over the years and analysing everything, we came up with an amount to maintain the lifestyle that we pretty well have.

Q: Can we afford to quit work at a young enough age to be able to enjoy it?
A: Eliminating all the costs required to go to work, two cars, and a RV, fuel costs, clothes for work all of the expenses related to living in a house, we discovered that we don't need to work. We had already bought and paid for our camping memberships and our motorhome.

Q:What type of RV do we want that will fit our lifestyle?
A: We have camped in a tent, tent trailer, van conversion and a Class"C" motorhome. We don't want a truck and trailer so a class "A" motorhome seemed like the best choice, because we want to travel in the comfort of a coach. And this was for us.

Q: Can we live together in a house of only 290 square feet?
A: No problem, we have enough room for the two of us, and an  easy house to clean. We are very compatible and both of do enjoy this lifestyle immensely.

Q:Do we like to travel?
A:Yes we like moving around to different places and enjoy seeing new sites and different scenery outside out windows. Many friends and acquaintances all over and constantly meet more people all the time.

Q:Where will we travel to?
A: No definite plans but mostly Ontario in the summer months and south somewhere to a warmer climate in the winter.

Q:What type of camping do we like?
A: Now because of the size of our coach, mostly membership rv resorts with full hookups. But other options are out there as well. We also love primitive sights and wide open spaces.

Q:Where will we camp?
A: Other than resorts we do enjoy boondocking (no hookups) , more often as the years go by. Overnights in Walmarts, service centres, visitor centres, with research there is endless places to stay, and the southern Arizona/California desert. We are self contained with solar power, propane and generator.

Q:What will we do everyday when we are not working?
A: We have our hobbies, two computers and two tv's. Satellite dish for tv and our own internet  wifi system 24/7. Satellite radio and we both enjoy reading, walkabouts, sightseeing, some local events, cooking our own meals, blogging, chatting with neighbours occasionally and just puttering about.

Q: Can we still have the so called necessary essentials.
A: We have everything we need to be very comfortable and happy.

Q: Do we miss owning a house?
A: No, I have had 11 of these. Renovated, repaired and maintained them, always something to fix. Grass to cut, gardens to tend to, painting to be done. An RV has repairs and maintenance too, but usually for a lot less money and work than a house.

Q: How long will we do this?
A: As long as we possibly can and are healthy enough to continue with this awesome life. Rv'ers have a tendency to life longer, as we are generally more active and outside more than retired people living in one place.

Q: What will we do if we have to stop living this lifestyle?
A: The possibilities are endless and we have so many choices. Hopefully we don't need to worry about that for many years yet, but have researched many options. Could be a park model trailer, apartment, seniors residence, whatever.

Q: What about expensive fuel for driving this not too fuel efficient vehicle.
A: We drive our coach an average of 9,000 miles a year at 7.5 mpg (US), about the same amount of miles that we put on it when we were working and camping on the weekends. We tow a fuel efficient Saturn for running around every day, it gets about 35mpg (US). So we actually spend less on fuel now than when we were both working. We have only two vehicles to maintain rather than three.

Q: Do we miss seeing our families?
A: Yes we do, but we are able get together now much more than when we were working. The summer months keep us busy with parents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, children and grandchildren for birthdays, reunions, Easter and Thanksgiving. And with our families spread over Ontario and everybody busy we never got to see much of everybody at Christmas much anyway. We have computer technology, webcams, instant messaging, cell phones and email that really connects everybody together better than ever before.

Q: Do we regret making this decision.
A: No on your life, when we decided it was time I was 56 yrs old and Suzie 49. The only regret we have is that we did not begin it sooner.

        So there is a few questions and answers about why and how we are fulltime rver's.  If you have anymore questions, answers or input don't be afraid to let us know.

         Now about today.

        It is a very cold windy and overcast day. At noon today it was 38f (3c) but with the 20 mph NE  (gusts to 27 mph) with wind feels like 28f (-2C). Not going outside much at all when we don't have to. Just a quick early trip to New Hamburg for a few groceries then home by 9:30 am.
          We were having trouble getting warm inside could only get the coach to 70 but a very cold draught around our slide out. So the solution we have learned in the past. Just pull in the slide. Our coach is still completely functional with it in so that's no problem. The draughts went away and in no time at all we were up to 77 f inside. Can now actually turn out Mr. Heater on low and be very comfy.
          We do have some inside stuff to do, like enjoying our e-readers, sorting and culling my photos, back up computers etc. Make a bite for lunch watch a movie on TV, (which we rarely ever do, we save that for cold rainy Sundays).  And today is one.
          Across  he road behind is us  few people parked their car`s and headed down by the river to do  some fishing. Or maybe a party.
          Eventually we pulled out a DVD we have not seen and really enjoyed it, it was Lost In the Wild with Lindsay Wagner and Jenifer Lopez. A fight for survival in the Jungles of Mexico.
          For supper tonight a stir fry, with a chicken breast, fresh veggies, rice, and fresh bean sprouts.  Don't really want to cook outside with this very cold wind.
people across the road back in the bush
everything prepped for the stir fry
          I prepped the veggies and chicken etc. Now just a matter of throwing it all together in a  one pan meal and so tasty, spiced with fresh garlic, low sodium soya sauce, sesame seed oil, one egg and all comes together very nicely. For a tasty healthy  home cooked meal.
yup sure diid the trick tonight
          We sure had great day even though it was cold. Hope that your day was warmer than ours was.
          Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Great perspective on full-timing!! Thanks for sharing!!
    It is raining here tonight and feels good outside....that means cooler and less humid!!

    1. Thanks, it works for us.
      Wish we had to worry about that here

  2. You covered pretty well everything you need to know about Fulltiming.
    Didn't stop raining today but supposed to warm up for a day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I think I veered most of why we love the life style.
      Rain today here, but will be warmer.

  3. Informative post...good information.

  4. Good info. I have another question though. What do you do about an address for health insurance, banking, benefits from the government, taxes, etc. ?

    1. We have a close relative that allows us to use their mailing address. Most everything is done electronically now, bank deposits etc..

  5. That is one great looking stir fry - thanks for the answers

  6. Yummy stirfry! Great for a cold windy wet day. Glad you had a chance to watch a movie too!

    1. Yes Patsy it was yummy and perfect for this weather as well.

  7. The food pictures posted on your blog always make me hungry. If I get too overweight, I will blame you guys (grin). Love reading about your travels. My coach has been sitting in my driveway for over a year now. Maybe it is time to sell it.

    1. Thanks Dizzy, but with the food we eat have been able to loose 50 lbs, it is healthy and portion controlled .
      Maybe get back on the road for a bit and do some travelling maybe.

  8. Didn't realize you got started in this crazy life so early. Glad you enjoy it, and you're so compatible!

    1. Thanks FG, we love the lifestyle and yes are so compatible too. Gotta do it while we can.


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