Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cold ,rainy, windy but got a a new cell phone and new internet.

Where are we today ?
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      Now we are into some cooler rainy, windy weather for a few days. Not a problem we have stuff to do and  our Mr, Heater to keep us warm. No walkabouts this morning just raining and cool. Only got to 42 f (5.5C) today so not really an outside doing stuff kinda day.
pretty much like this here all day
our Mr, Heater keeps us cozy and sips at the propane
considering we are almost boondocking
     Suzie had a dentist appointment in New Hamburg and I stayed here doing some photo stuff and research. She was home in time for lunch and more of the homemade Bean soup I made yesterday. Always tastes better after the first day..
perfect lunch for a cold rainy day
        Gonna rain all day so a good day to whip into Kitchener to get our New Bell Internet Turbo Hub That will work better than the Rogers one we have in the areas we will travel to this summer. Good deal on this Free with a 2 year contract instead of $299.00 giving us the data that we need at a good price.
we have friends that use this and works great for them
will get it going tomorrow.
she loves her new I phone
      Also Suzie wanted a new I-phone, her's is about 5 years old and causing some issues. This  new one is exactly what she wanted and again free with a 2 year contract (instead of $499.00) same as we have had for years. Same phone number and we can use it in Canada and the USA, No other phone needed, Just my cheap disposable phone that I carry so she can find me when I wander about.
they even had the case she wanted there as well, perfect 
     Back home in time to whip up supper, Tonight a rare treat for us a top sirloin beef roast I picked up on sale the other day will work great in our oven. No Weber Q today with rain cold and wind.
       To go with a beef roast gotta have Yorkshire pudding that I was raised on with roast beef. Must be my British background.
this mix makes it easy and perfcet
baked up  WHITE sweet potato that we had
was perfect
the roast done to perfection
medium rare
Yorkshire pudding, perfect
added our salad and sure hit the spot
and of course a bit of gravy from the drippings 
      Now we have some leftover beef for lunches our whatever for a few days.
      We had a pretty productive day considering the weather, And got some things taken care of. 
      Still raining, and and cool at 7:30pm so we can read for a bit and watch the tube for a while before calling it a night.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. George I think I saw your roast move lol Your yorkshire pudding looks good.

    1. Naw, it was perfect, so moist tasty and tender., the pudding is always yummy.

  2. Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and gravy... Yup, you're home.

  3. I'm glad you both had a great day - even in the rain. Dinner looks AWESOME!

  4. Now you went and made me hungry!!! and I just ate.

    1. Well then you be getting ready for you next meal.

  5. We love our turbo hub, you will too. Nice hot soup and nice hot dinner. Looks great except I agree with Jean and Skip, your beef moo'ed, I'm sure. :) Stay dry!

    1. Already love to Turbo Hub, I did not hear it moo, was just the way we love it. We keeping dry hope you are too.


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