Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cooler but still not too bad, a couple hockey games to see with the grands. And Ribs on our Weber Q.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
    Yup it is a bit cooler today, overcast, but hardly any wind.
Did have an interesting sunrise just after 6 am then the clouds took over.
love the sunrises here
        It was 50f most of the morning, but no problem a short walkabout, picked up a few groceries, light lunch and off to watch Grandson number 4 play his fast paced 4 on 4 hockey game at noon in the Ayr arena. They change shifts every 90 seconds and the puck never stops. Only a face off when a goal is scored. They won this game 8-6, he did very well. He scored at least one goal maybe 2 and had one assist. So nice to see our grands enjoy their sports.
4 on 4 hockey is so much fun
he spotted us here and gave us a wave
they all lined up on the boards ready to hit the ice
opposing team as well
      Then home by 2 pm. I prepared some pork back ribs with sauerkraut to set on the grill about 3 pm.  For the recipe clic HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. Love to smell them while we can enjoy our readers outside. Weather not too bad, partial sun this afternoon, just nice to be able to sit outside and read for a while.
we did have the sun poke through for a few minutes
      Soon time for supper so whipped up a salad added some fresh bean sprouts for a change and a creamy cucumber salad dressing that Suzie enjoys we had a tasty feast.
our Weber Q doing it's stuff
so tender and glazed on the grill mat
with some tasty sticky BBQ sauce
ribs, kraut and salad was so tasty
         Now supper and dishes done head on out to another hockey game at the Ayr arena for 7 pm. Just cause we can and are here. Grandson number one is on then ce for another quick paced 4 on 4 game. He is in grade 8 and lotsa good players on their team.
that is him right side
everry 90 seconds a shift change
 4 off and 4 on the ice
very fast paced fun
they had a great game 10-5 against the
other team
         What a fun hour we had, and some great fun hockey they had as well. Then time to head back home after more hockey excitement  2 of our grandsons.
         Thank you for checking us out again and hope ya'll had a wonderful day as well. Looks like more of a cold front coming in tomorrow, but none of that white fluffy stuff in the forecast. So no matter what it will be another good day, chilly maybe but guess we need to put more clothes on !
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Looks like a great day of hockey...glad you were able to watch grands play hockey and do so well. Topped off with some good ribs.

    1. It was a fun day watching them play hockey and have a great time.The ribs were yummy as always.

  2. I think I can smell those ribs over here in B.C. Yummy! Will have to try your recipe.

    1. They do smell wonderful cooking all wrapped with sauerkraut excellent flavour.

  3. Nice to be able to see the grandchildren play a sport that they love. Looks like they have girls on the team too, which is great to see.

    Boy, that Weber Q grill has sure gotten a work out with you and still going strong. I think they are the best grills out there, I know that we love ours. :-)

    1. It sure was a fun day. And yes there was 3 girls on his team last night and they are amazing. They really know how to play as a team, and almost take over the rink. A lot of young girls are into hockey and many prefer to play on the boys teams, because they find it more fun than on all girl teams.
      As you know our Weber sure gets a workout, and like you said I too believe they are the best grills out there.

  4. I'm sure it means the world to your grands that you watch their hockey games. :c)

    1. It sure does and was wonderful , we had an amazing time with them.


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