Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Perfect spring time weather, outside all day long.

Where are we today ?
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      Today we gonna have some wonderful weather according to the weather gods. And all day long it was perfect. Got up yo 69f (20c) in the shade and with the clear blue cloudless skies, no wind, it was much warmer in the sun. Shorts and t-shirt day for sure by 10 am.
sunrise out our dinning room window just before 7 am
     Then a nice walkabout town 7:30 am, down River road and around the village for a while. So peaceful , 2-3 cars about but other than that peace and quiet. Just hear the mourning doves cooing.
looking west across the river flats
on River Road
this is the sky we saw all day, perfect
        I grabbed my swede saw and pruning shears and walked about the 5 acres here to trim a few trees and branches that get in the way of mowing the lawn. Just aded to the burn pile.
       Than after a light lunch I hopped on this wonderful commercial Ferris mower to do some grass cutting. Did not do the whole yard, just about 2/3rds of it that needed to be done. I will head back out in a few days before we leave here to mow the whole yard.
that's me playing on the mower,
so comfortable, quick and easy does it
        By 3 pm we can enjoy our E-readers in the shade just doing what we do best, reading.
nice and comfy here,
 so very warm, gotta love it
our view from under the awning
          By 3:30 time to preheat our Weber Q 100 and put out chicken on for supper. I picked up this morning on sale $2;47 a lb. not  a bad price for Canada , but we will get a few meals from this and a large pot of soup as well.
just over an hour on low, done to perfection
185f internal temp with my instant read thermometer
         Added our salad to go with it, 1/4 dark meat for Suzie and 1/2 of one breast and 2 wings for me.
Oh so tasty, yup we love our chicken on the Weber Q. Also the last 2 of our Yorkshire  pudding from our roast beef the other night, Of course I love my hot sauces on my chicken just to give it that extra kick.
yummy? Yes it sure was.
      Now here we are sitting outside in the shade, still enjoying this wonderful weather, posting the blog and reading some more. Does it get much better that a this? Don't think so.
        Thanks for stopping on by and really hope your day and weather was as wonderful as ours was.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Love it when the weather cooperates.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend.
    How nice to be able to bring your mom to her final resting place surrounded by family. I wish we would have thought of photos it would be nice to have that extra memory. What a special sentiment on her urn.

    1. Making memories is part of life and some pictures help us look back on those memories.

  3. Grass cutting already! Wow, it is really growing! Lovely day for sure, we were outside all day too. Love it.

    1. Yes this is the second time I did some portions of the yard, it's really taking off.

  4. Hard to believe the difference as our trees are fully leafed out now.

    1. It will be a while yet, the trees are just starting to bud.

  5. What's your secret to finding great weather everywhere you go? Share, please! ;c)

    1. No secret I guess we are just lucky . We want good weather year round and do our best to find it.


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