Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 13, 2017

First day back in Ontario, decent weather and got stuff to do.

Where are we today ?
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     Here we are back in Ontario, after our six months in the United States is pretty well done for this year. Now to spend 5 Months in Ontario to make sure that we  maintain our health care. We don't travel a lot mostly because we have seen most there is to see and the very high cost of fuel and very expensive campgrounds. But we do have options, one is our friends place here (we call Camp Awesome, just cause it is) so peaceful quiet and wide open spaces. Another is our home membership park (Resorts of Destinction , ROD), Rock Glen resort where we can spend time for a couple of weeks in and one out. And maybe a few affiliated ones in Ontario, or visit with friends. Works for us, cause we love to move around.
     Good sleep last night down to 32 f (0 c) but we cozy in bed. Up early as usual, fired up our Mr Heater get the temp up to 70 f inside is comfortable in no time. Watching the sunrise across the 5 acres here is wonderful again. It did get up to 58f (14c) outside with some sunny periods.
the view from our dinning room table
excellent !
     After my early morning walkabout town, at 8:30 am Suzie and I headed to New Hamburg, I dropped her to visit with her Dad while I got my one hearing aid fixed, stopped at the bank, picked her up again then picked up a few groceries we needed.
     On the way out of town and crew of 3 Mennonites were removing the old fence here and  2 hours later they had all the posts and wire in place. These guys sure know how to do good work and did not taste any time.
new fence all done, amazing
      Home for lunch before 11 am and then just puttered around the yard cleaning up a bit. Until 2 pm time to head to Stratford see our Doctor for our yearly checkup.
enjoying the back country roads again
in the spring
       Doctor visit went well for both of us, in and out in 1/2 a hour, all looks good so far, next is the Blood work we do next week, and then go from there.
       Home before 5 pm. so fired up our Weber Q 100 to preheat, whipped up a salad and grilled some tilapia fish fillets for supper. After our wings and fires last night need a healthier option. Almost sat outside, but the best part of the day was spent going to see the doctor. Hmm better get this stuff out of the way soon.
love our fish grilled on our Weber Q
or actually done any way
sure did the trick tonight
       By the time we were done it had cooled down and 7:30 pm. So read a bit, finish posting this blog and after a tv show will call it a night. 
       Was a pretty good one for us today, no complaints here. 
       Hope y'all had a great day as well.
Where have we been this past Winter?


  1. Good to be home again. but if you spend only 5 months in Ontario, where do you spend the 6th month in Canada? The US is only permitting a stay in the US for 183 days during 12 consecutive months.

    1. We could go anywhere other than the USA, We plan more Canada in the future, just not sure when, or we could spend a month in Mexico in the winter, We did some time in Mexico 7 years ago.

  2. This weather is great to come home to. We know we'll get a few messy days in April but we can deal with that. Yesterday was gorgeous here!

    1. No matter we are here for a while and enjoy some wonderful summer weather in the near future. Was wonderful here as well.

  3. Bet those lower temps are helping you "chill out". :cD

  4. Welcome home. I will catch up on your posts once we get home tomorrow.

    1. Travel safe and an easy border crossing for you.


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