Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 14, 2017

7th Annual Wounded Warrier's PTE. Tyler W. Todd Memorial event., Easter Egg hunt and amazing weather,

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
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            Starting off Good Friday will some wonderful warm weather after another lovely sunrise.
right for our Kitchen table, love the view
      A walkabout town this morning about 8 am up to the arena to check out the festivities that are getting under way. Ball hockey for the young ones in the outside pavilion and the 3 on 3 co-ed hockey tournament has begun and will be going all weekend.
the Canadian Legion brought 3 army trucks here to display
      More things going on, like an Easter egg hunt in the park at 1 pm and a magician at 3:30 in the curling club next door. There will be bands playing, silent auction going on, with food and beverages also available.
     At 1 pm we went to the park to check out the activities , Easter egg hunt was wonderful so many kids scrambled around after the Easter Bunny and filled their baskets with chocolate eggs. So nice to see the community all here to participate. Reminds me of the Easter egg hunts we did years ago when I belonged to the Optimist Club in town. Nice to see the Lions have taken over and new younger people have stepped up to the plate to do these things. One thing we really love about small towns when everyone pulls together.
      And while here chatted with so many people we know from all the years in town. And especially good friends Elmer and Kay ( Pa and Ma of Pa-fest we go to in August)
young kids playing ball hockey in the Pavilion
street lined with Canadian flags is wonderful
   The 7th annual Wounded Warriors PTE. Tyler W. Todd Memorial Event. Website clic HERE
Picture borrowed from the Woodstock  Sentinal Review
         Article on this years Tyler Todd Memorial Hockey Tournament this weekend in Plattsville in the Woodstock Paper, you can click HERE for the article.
Easter bunny prepping the kids
a good crowd and great weather
the scramble for eggs
a few minutes later all done
then line up for the jumping castle
     Next we wandered into the curling club for a snack, Canadian back bacon on a bun, fresh fries and some veggies. all this food is donations only.
    Then into the arena and upstairs to check out all the goods donated for the silent auction. So much stuff here, nothing we needed but nice to look at.
3 on 3 co ed hockey, is always fun
the band is on a break right now

our coach is the white in the middle, from
 half way down the yard
       Back home enjoying this wonderful weather, I am wandering about the yard here gathering lots of broken branches that have come down over the winter. In preparation  for mowing the grass (5 acres) in a short while, looks like will soon be ready in another week or so. Also checked out the large commercial mower, charged the battery and made sure it fired up and is ready to go when the time comes.
farmer's field north of here
our closest neighbour , good friends
           Just putter around a bit , I redid some caulking that needed done, put a chicken on our Weber Q 100 and relaxed with Suzie to enjoy our e-readers for a while. Love this warm sunny weather  68 f today is not to shabby.
just over and hours and done to perfection
added to our salad, sure did the trick
     After dishes done I sat outside on the west side of our coach working on the blog and enjoying more great weather. A good friend from town walking down the road noticed me and stopped by for a chat , have not talked to him in years. So nice to catch up again and he does follow our blog once in a while as well.
        Starting to cool down a bit about 7;30 as the sun is beginning to set. So inside to finish posting and relax for the rest of the night.
a pretty nice sunset tonight as well
        A fun busy day considering we had nothing planned for a quiet one.
        But we take it one day at a time and enjoy what ever comes along.
       Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a great day as well,
        Easter weekend for most of us, so HAPPY EASTER !
Where have we been this past Winter?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I bet it is, you will be going through some pretty cold weather in the next while.

  2. Busy day in Plattsville, nice to see the fund raising in the name of one of our finest.

    1. This is an amazing fundraiser, the whole community gets into it.

  3. 3-on-3 hockey ... never heard of that! Down here 3-on-3 is usually basketball, on here in SoCal OTL (Over The Line) baseball. Looks like a fun time for a great cause.

    1. It is a fun day for everyone, Hockey is out number one spot in Canada so makes sense, but the hickey arena is the centre of town, they also do 3 on 3 Basketball at different times some places.

  4. Boy, that was a busy, fun packed day!!
    Happy Easter!!

  5. Happy Easter George and Suzie. Lots of children in the egg gathering mood, that is great to see!

    1. Thanks Patsy same to you guys as well. It was great to watch the kids do their thing.

  6. Hi George
    Glad you kids had a great winter in the US, and a safe trip back to Ontario. If your'e passing near NY State on your way south in 183 days, let me know. I'm doing some tent camping this summer, and may be we can connect. Hugs to Suzie.

    1. Had another wonderful winter in the southwest thanks.
      We will keep that in mind, if we head on down that way.

  7. What a nice day the two of you spent...being able to let days unfold with no special plans can be the best. The weather sounds great.

  8. Love that armored car. Think of what a great toad it would make! ;c)

    1. LOL... kinda too heavy though, but it is kinda cool.


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