Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday April 17th catchup with more family then Tuesday back home to our coach

Where are we today ?
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      Monday started off with beautiful blue skies and the sun warming everything up. For a nice refreshing walkabout town.
River Road in Plattsville
Quick trip to New Hamburg for fresh buns
to take to Aurora.
      After a bite for lunch we headed off to Aurora Ontario to Daughter number One's house for an Easter get together with my 3 Children their spouses and 7 Grands.
      We all arrived shortly after 2 pm with lotsa hugs and greetings the catchup conversations for the next several hours. Along with snacks and games with the Grands.
Their Puppy Fergie  is growing she is a GoldenDoodle,
pretty playful about 6 months old.
running in circles in the yard
Cousins having fun
soccer practice
checking out the yard
Skate board
Granddaughter number 2
love her outfit
my son a very proud Father
she is his Minnie Me
her mom and dad.
cousins playing
hockey practice
hanging out on the kitchen
      Time to dig in , bone in Ham, turkey, dressing, mashed taters, fresh buns , green beans and seafood salad.
oh  yummy
Granddaughter number one,
love the red hair
she is starting summer girls hockey, with her 2 brothers and cousins
playing hockey she wants to play as well
she starts next weekend.
the  grands enjoying supper with their cousins in the kitchen,
not enough room in the dining room
oh so tasty
That be us in the dining room
Jane's awesome Easter carrot cake 
lots of tasty deserts too
I had a few samples of desert 
My son, daughter number 2 and granddaughter number 2
basket ball in the driveway
cleaning up in the kitchen
daughter and daughter-in-law chattinig
soccer fun
major air hockey fun
daughter #1 and granddaughter #2
       After everyone left we crashed here in Aurora after 10 pm way past our normal bedtime, What a wonderful fun day and so nice to see them all together. Thats 43 relatives in 2 days time to take it easy again for a while and recuperate .
        Up early this morning as the grands get ready to head off to school chat with them for a bit and waiting until after 9 am to miss the Toronto rush hour traffic to head home.
Suzie gets a doggie fix and hug from Fergie
        Shortly after 9:30 we hit the road back to Plattsville, about a 2 hour drive. no major traffic just a few slow downs for us. Back home for a light lunch.
Plattsville to Aurora and back
         After lunch I fired up the Ferris lawn mower to do a bit of mowing, parts of the yard that needed it for now. Just a couple of acres. soon the rest will need it with the rain expected in the next few days. Today was nice about 60 f (15c) with alight breeze and clear blue cloudless skies. Not too shabby at all?
this Ferris Mower is wonderful 
looks so nice when freshly cut
the view from our patio 
across the road behind our coach
no breeze here, almost hot in the afternoon sun.
      We did get a couple of hours of quality reading time in that we both enjoy. In the warm sun and no breeze was perfect. Not really hungry tonight after 2 days of feasting, so supper was our regular salad with some leftover cold chicken, a few rice crackers and garlic humus. This was perfect, sure hit the spot, nice and light, and so very tasty.
oh yeah, this did the trick
        That was our 2 days winding up some wonderful family time with a total of socializing with 43 relatives. And now back home to relax a bit and tae care of a few more appointments that we want to get out of the way as well.
       Thanks so much for stopping on by and hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and  maybe spent some time with family and or friends, or even quiet times are nice as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. What a huge family!!! I don't even think I could find 43 relatives. We are a small group. What a wonderful family you have!! Looks like you two have had a busy Easter!

    1. It is wonderful to see them and surprising how it just keeps growing. So nice to get together with everyone when we can.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes we have nice that all the family is so close.

  3. Wow, sounds like you had very busy but fun Easter. Lots of family to visit and lots of food to eat, what more could could you ask for!

    1. We did a very busy fun Easter, nice to se everyone again. and of course too much food. But was all good.


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