Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Amazing weather, a fun day being outside in shorts again ! Checking out the town and previous postings for this area, Bicycle museum was amazing.

Where are we today ?
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       A very warm night that we enjoyed with windows open and 47 f at 5 am outside. We cozy here after a good nights sleep.
      Nice early morning walkabouts enjoying the sunrise and fresh air, now this is perfect for this time of year, no complaints here. Glad we are spending a few days, just because we can.
sunrise over the fields
Sunday morning early the pool is so peaceful, busier later
but will be quiet during the week.
    Still early and watching this Robin doing the "early bird catches the worm"  and yes he/she did.
got the worm and had a feast
        We took a drive around town leaving at 9 am . so peaceful here on a Sunday morning. Checking out the sights. Stopped at Walmart, Aldies and the local Community market grocery store  just cause we could just checking them out for specials. Nothing we needed quite yet but was a nice tour.
      Stopping at Aldies spotted this amazing trike ! A Boss Hoss.  A trike with a 57 chevy rear end , v-8 engine and 455 horsepower, WOW much  more than we have for our motorhome at 25,00o lbs. Now this would be a WILD RIDE ! for sure.
hey that's me in the reflection !
yep a cool toy it is
     Then cruise through town loving the old buildings that have been kept  up here.
The old Wapa Theatre 
main street
a drive thru Beer Cave? too cool
            Suzie had a craving for an egg Mc Muffin so I whipped up a couple for our lunch. We have the stuff and much cheaper at home.
egg ham and cheese on an English Muffin
     More walkabouts checking out stuff here, a very nice resort, can imagine in the summer this place would be packed.
these would be cool on the water here
still the weekend lots kids in the playground
          Enjoying the wonderful sunny afternoon , clear blue skies and very warm.
         Then a few more walkabouts the park, and set into reading in the sun and shade it got to 76F (24C) and was wonderful. We did have a sw wind though but managed to shelter our selves from it most of the day.
       New neighbour pulled in  across from us and chatted for a while from Hamilton Ontario . After chatting for a bit we realized that we have met years ago . In Unadllia Georga and again in Benson Arizona. Such a small world it is !
enjoying my book
            Eventually time to whip up  supper. Tonight a cornish hen that we love. Need to cook all our chicken before we cross the border.  So whipped up a salad. preheated our Weber Q 100 and set it on low to cook to perfection.
all done, crispy outside moist and tender inside 
we each had 1/2 of this hen. perfect portion 
     Now outside still enjoying this wonderful weather at 8 pm. still in shorts and in the high 60's f. almost feels like  summer. ! Posting the blog and reading Wow. this is amazing!
      We have been in this area a few times before and one thing we loved was a visit to the  Bicycle museum of America  that we visited 4 years ago yesterday when we were here. For that great posting just click HERE. It sure is an mazing place to visit we spent a few hours there. Nice that we can look back on the blog and enjoy it again.
      The day is winding down and soon time to head inside. After their wonderful sunset.
tonight's sunset was wonderful
       We sure are loving it here and glad that y'all dropped by for a peek. Hope your day was a great one as well. Think maybe to the pool and spas will be calling me very soon in the next few days.

       Thanks for stopping by .
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Another lovely day. Our weather has turned around so you can come home when you're ready. :)

    1. Thanks will be there on Wednesday, nice enough for us to come home soon.

  2. I love old towns like this. There is so much character in the buildings.

  3. What a quaint little town!!
    That is a very nice looking swimming pool and you are right....looks so peaceful and calm early in the morning!!

    1. It is a nice town, and the pool is much quieter now after the weekend.

  4. Wow what a nice day! That trike looks like it could take off and leave me behind...


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