Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 10, 2017

Just hanging out enjoying this wonderful warm weather

Where are we today ?
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         Another nice morning and no where to go, Thought about a tour around to see some things, But decided to just relax. We will be busy enough when we get back home.  Think we can just hang out here and enjoy this nice warm weather with full hookups.
       Did get a couple walkabouts done but was pretty windy, and overcast. but still in the low 70's f.      
       Picked a few groceries around the corner in town and returned home to enjoy this weather. And a bite for lunch. Found a spot in front of the coach with no wind so was wonderful to enjoy reading outside.
        While doing this we chatted for a while with the couple across from us from Ontario that we have met before on the road, A super couple they are .We shared stories and information, them back to our reading. Gonna hit the pool and hot tub right behind us , nobody there, just 2 ladies in the other hot tub. So quiet now that the weekend is over and had a real nice soaking . Made my body feel like melted butter oh so good.
the pool and spa was so peaceful today
nice new outside deck around the indoor pool
most on the day was like this, very warm
but a nice warm wind as well
still shorts weather 
love the shrubs here, very well trimmed
lotsa robins here still
      Then time for supper. Tonight a Tuna steak for me and a salmon fillet for Suzie to go with our salad.
       For the Tuna steak recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar. Quick and easy so very tasty !
Tuna on the left salmon right
love these Tuna steaks, a bit overdone
for me but still wonderful
         We sat out side for a bit after supper to enjoy this warm weather, but about 7 pm it stared a light rain, 2 minutes later our chairs away and we inside. Then of course the rain  stopped! Go figure.
         No matter it was a wonderful day, lotsa fresh air, a swim, great supper, walkabouts and chat with few people. Really no complaints here.
         Thanks for stopping in and hope your day was as wonderful as ours was.
Where have we been this Winter ?


  1. Crikey ..... LOW 70's and it's shorts weather??? It's autumn here and we have almost the same temperatures. Mum's in long pants and a jumper. Well ...... we have come from a VERY hot summer. I even wore my coat last night. It did get down to 62F. That's cold isn't it?????

    1. Yes Charlie any time usually above 60 I like to wear shorts especially if it's bright and sunny and the wind is not too cold.I might wear a sweater, but still like me shorts.

  2. Do you have time for High School ball games? The nephew coaches ... Redskins gals kicked-butt 17-0 the other day! Wish we were here with ya!!! Enjoy your stay.

    1. We don't usually doe sports unless we know someone on the team or coaching. That would have been a good game.

  3. Nice to see you enjoying the weather and beautiful park.

    1. It sure is nice to enjoy this area and this lovely park before crossing back into Canada.

  4. If they would just make hot tubs available in RV's, I'd be a happy camper and own one! ;c)

    1. Well it can be done with a big enough RV and lotsa money, I am sure.


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