Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Farmer's market, Picard Peanuts and more done early today, enjoying this amazing weather.

Where are we today ?
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   Another great sleep, overnight pretty cool about 38f (3 c) at 5 am but fired up our mr Heater and after a bit up to 68 f inside. Nice an cozy. Not too warm.
    After another interesting sunrise I attempted a walkabout but only a block away it began to drizzle. So back home for a bit.
       By 7:30 this morning we were ready to head off to the St. Jacobs Farmer's market, beat the crowds on the Long weekend. There by 8 am and lotsa parking. Not many people here yet.
so nice not busy yet
this market is open year round, love it !
       First thing was to  pick up some of our favourite Turkey Garlic sausage. And even at 8 am there is a lineup at this meat vendor. Picked up 3 lbs that we will enjoy for 6 meals in the future.

lotsa great poultry here
got our sausage and wandered about  of a bit
       Love this market and will be back again here this summer a few times.
         Then found our vendor to grab some extra hot pepperettes. (dried pepperoni)

         Next stop up the road was Picard's peanuts to pick up some CHIP NUTs for my oldest daughter we will see on Monday. She just loves them !  Picard's Peanuts Original website you can click HERE  .
        Then stopped by a Bell store to  enquire about a new phone for Suzie, got some info and will do more research. Then the Real Canadian Superstore to stock up on our "near Beer" (non alcoholic beer that we can only get here in Canada for a good price. Also stopped at Canadian Tire (only in Canada again) to pick up a new wiper blade for the car. And a couple of new pillows. Using our Canadian tire money we earn on our Master Card like getting this stuff for free!
         Nice to get all this done and home by 10:30 this morning.  By the way it was raining all morning then after lunch about 12:30 the rain stopped, skies cleared and was a wonderful sunny afternoon. I wandered over to the arena to check out the hockey tournament and events going on . Lots of people there and ran into a few I knew, chatted with them for a bit. Then a fellow stopped and said Hi George! Hmm, refresh my memory please you look familiar. We had worked together at MTD products back in the the mid 1980s. I drove fork lift and he was the QC inspector on Line one for the lawn mowers that were produced there. And with him was Sandy who remembered me as well from way back when. over 30 plus years ago ! Wow so nice to see them again and do some catch up chatting for a while.
       Now back to camp awesome and the weather is perfect.. Borrowed John's truck for a bit, and Suzie helped me pick up the yard branches etc. and back to the burn pile. A nice work out on a perfect sunny warm day.
only one truck load this year, last year
many more
       That's mostly it for today now we can relax and enjoy reading in the sun and shade , Perfect weather, for shorts and t-shirts, gotta love it !
enjoying this wonderful weather while we can
            Then time for me to make my seafood salad for tomorrows Easter meal at Suzie's Aunts house in Kitchener for the recipe click  HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
love this dressing but think we can only get it in the USA
favourite seafood spice
salad done and will rest in the fridge and get even better
           Next I divided up our 3 lbs of Turkey Garlic Sausage and portioned for meals, We will get 6 meals from this and is so wonderful.
3.5 lbs ready to portion
portioned now and in the freezer
      More reading and enjoying this weather and the fluffy clouds in the sky.
         While prepping supper we had a nice visitor, Buddy came by and Suzie got a doggie fix. now its been a while. Sorry to say Buddy's mom , Molly passed away earlier this year. She was such a sweetie.
doggie fix for Suzie
Suzie walked back and he took off on a run like he alway does.
rest for a  bit
Buddy is Suzie's friend
shake a pa and get a treat, good boy
    Then eventually time for supper. I whipped up our salad, pre heat the Weber Q and grilled 3 small Turkey Garlic sausage we picked up today.
these are so tasty and healthy too
Sure  took care of our cravings tonight
hopping for leftovers, but naddda..
        Now to enjoy more of this great weather outside while I finished up posting this blog . All done by 8 pm and time to head inside for the rest of the night. Love the late sunsets  at this time of year and will still get much later as the summer comes upon us.
         Glad that y'all stopped by for a visit and hope you had a great day too!

Where have we been this past Winter?


  1. Great day for sure! It was a surprise that it cleared up so nicely.

    1. Yes it was and a wonderful afternoon and evening.

  2. A very productive day indeed! Southernn Ontario sure is nice, and camp Awesome rocks! Hope is gets warmer soon.

    1. It was a wonderful day indeed. Gonna cool off a bit for a while then get warm up again. Yes Camp Awesome rocks for sure.

  3. What a nice market to have close by.

    1. It is one of our favourite markets to go too some much there.

  4. Looks like a fine and well spent day. Love those nice FM's

  5. We have discovered the weather is very different when you leave Arizona!


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