Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rain, sunshine, bean soup, and our winter expenses.

Where are we today ?
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      Just another good nights sleep , pretty mild with windows open a bit about 48f (8C) overnight great for sleeping. Up early and started  a large pot of Ham Bean soup. Thanks to the 2 large ham bones we were gifted on Sunday and Monday, they make for a great base for this  soup mix that we enjoy, recipe is on the package. To bad we can only buy this in the USA. But we brought home 2 packs.
      We had some morning rain for a while but warmed up very nicely . We just opened our awning so that we can still enjoy the outside mild weather. Works for us.
love this bean soup
         While simmering I made a quick trip to New Hamburg for some ingredients  and finish of the soup for lunch.
        Simmered the beans until done with the ham bones, and added the rest of the ingredients and was oh so tasty.
lotsa soup for many lunches
this is an amazing lunch,
one of my favourites .
       After lunch I took Suzie into Waterloo for her Chiropractor appointment, and stopped by the Wholesale club for a few things. Picked her up and back home here by 3:30 pm. Sunny, warm and no more rain. Perfect now we can enjoy reading outside, our Happy Hour, catching up with each other until time to whip up supper.
a very nice afternoon
and no rain or wind
        Then I put together our fresh salad and grilled a couple of salmon fillets on our Weber Q 100 for a nice light healthy meal. After all the Easter food we need to do this more.
now this was excellent, just what we needed

    What did this winter cost us in the warm south away from the cold and SNOW?

      We went over some figures for this past winters expenses etc. (Suzie is a book keeper) and below is what we did if you care to look. Some people do like to know what it costs to do what we do, we are fairly frugal to a point.
       Our total camping costs for this past 6 months when we headed south were  $664.00 CDN  $499.00 US for our 175 days mostly in the southwest for all of our camping fees. More than we would have spent normally. Lots of free camping and BLM land.
      How far did we drive our coach this past winter?  9,766 kms 6,068 miles for the motorhome
      Fuel expense $2653.75 Cdn  $1,996.59 US for the Motorhome. GAS
      US gallons 888 an average of $2.24 US a US gallon overall average of 6.82 miles per US gallon a bit less than our usual 7.2 Miles per US gallon mainly from our travelling through a lot of high elevation and mountains on the way there this year.
       This same mileage would have cost us $3693.00 CDN for the same amount of fuel in Canada at $1.10 a litre.
      Any who it was another wonderful winter, avoiding the freezing temps and the snow.  We had more wind and rain than usual, but think no matter where you went to was about the complaints here and the best thing was all the desert flowers than appeared this spring that we have hardly ever seen before in 10 years of travelling the southwest.

       We had a pretty nice day here taking the weather one day at a time. And getting a few things done while we are here. We did manage to enjoy sitting outside until just after 7:30 tonight enjoying the quiet , birds chirping  and even a few mosquitoes bugging us as well. Hmm should be too cold for them buggers. 64 f right now.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Waht's your secret on that bean soup? Looks delish and we have a ham bone to donate. Our beans turn out to 'chewy'. A very admirable expense report for a winter in the sun.

    1. I just followed the directions on the package for the quick cook method and they always turn out wonderful . No chewy beans here .
      Our winter worked out well, we try to compensate for the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar. and works pretty good this way. Plus we love boondocking in the desert makes it very reasonable.

  2. Looks like you had a nice day too. Gotta love this life!

    1. Yes it was wonderful, what's not to love about this life? Have not found anything yet.

  3. Just in case you need more of these beans before you are back in the States, you can get them on Not sure how they compare to the prices you pay in the USA.

    Do you ever add up all your expenses from your winter travels or just keep track of fuel and camping fees?

  4. The bean are much more expensive there, they are a nice treat when here a couple of times in the summer.
    Suzie keeps trac of all our expenses, most of them are the same or close whether we are in Canada or the USA, even with the exchange rate, except for Alcohol much more expensive in Canada as you well know.

  5. Thanks for the book keeping details. I've been asked many times what my trip cost, and I just can't be bothered with the figures.
    Great reading the blog as always.
    Hugs to you both

    1. Thanks Clancy, we always keep track of our costs so we know how we are doing and where the money goes. Glad to have you along.

  6. As they say, RV travel can be cheap and it can expensive. It's all how you do it.

    1. That is so true, we could do it cheaper and we could do it a lot more expensive, we are quite comfortable with this.


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