Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunny warm day, Ma's final resting place and a hockey game , we sure got around today.

Where are we today ?
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             Weather is getting better and more sunshine that's what we love ! No rain ,no clouds plus sunshine temps up to about 60 f (15C) not too shabby with clear skies, A cool breeze but we can deal with that.
            A bit of a walkabout this morning down the road by the Nith river, flowing pretty good after the rains we had.
      Suzie got her chair out to enjoy the sunshine while I was out and about. 
        Eventually we had a light lunch then head to the Cemetery in Breslau for my Mother's internment. This be the place where Mom will be interned with her son, My younger Brother as well as her Brother our Uncle.
so right about Ma on her urn 
There she is now together with her son(my brother) who died way to young
and Ma's Brother Uncle Leonard Reader
 a nice quiet gathering with a few fitting words
were said for Ma.
Finally at Peace.
     Then we gathered in front of the tree Ma had dedicated for her son and brother to have our pictures taken just because we could. We have so many memories and pictures of all the good times we all had together.
Ma had this tree and plaque dedicated in 2000
LR, SIL Sherry, Brother  Chris, Sister Louise, BIL Paul, Nephew, Rob ,
His wife Emily,then Me and Suzie in the front
       After this we all headed our separate ways home, we back to Plattsville, to putter around in this lovely warm weather. We dragged the 200 foot water hose out from the house to top up our fresh water tank. Read in the sun and shade for a bit then time for supper.
love the scenery here and so quiet
       Supper tonight a couple of pan fried cat fish fillets we brought back home from the USA, grilled a 1/2  a lemon this makes it real juicy!
added to our salad was excellent
     Supper done dishes done and at 6:30 a short drive to the AYR arena to watch Grandson number 1 play hockey. This is very fast passed hockey 2 teams, 4 on 4 for 48 minutes, The clock does not stop and neither does the play, every 90 seconds a buzzer goes off and the players change shifts, They get a 90 second rest then back on the ice again. The puck never stops.
there he is  with the yellow socks
right in the action
       It was a fun game and no dull moments that's for sure. Too bad they were defeated this time 10 to 7 but they sure put up a good battle, they all had a good workout and a great time as well.
heading back home just after 8 pm almost caught the sunset
      No matter we had a good day, enjoying the weather, finally putting Ma to rest with some of the family, enjoyed a fun hockey game as well.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a peak hop y'all had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. What a sweet service for your mom!! So nice that you all had your picture taken in front of the tree she dedicated to your brother.
    Sorry your grandson lost the hockey game!!

    1. The service was very nice short and personal. perfect and a nice sunny day.
      These are fun games that all the kids enjoy just honing their skills.

  2. Your Mom and your brother are together now. Love the epitaph on her plaque. It is nice to enjoy the sun and things going on around us.

    1. Yes they are together again now, they were so close.
      This wonderful sunny weather is awesome.

  3. You've shared so many moments with your readers, thanks for sharing this personal moment also. Altho we were all together for my mother's service we did not take a picture. I regret that now, you'll be glad you have one.

    1. We all took pictures lots more than posted, nice to have them for memories.

  4. Nice picture of you all by the tree that was dedicated to your brother. Your brother and mother are now back together and it looked like a lovely day for the small service.

    1. Thank Ruth it was to gather together and family photo by the tree. Yes they are now back together. The service is exactly what we wanted. And the weather perfect as well.

  5. It's nice that your mom is with her family now for the rest of you to visit. It's probably just what she would have wanted.

    1. It is what she wanted, she had planned it that way, perfect !

  6. What a beautiful final resting place for your mom. Glad you could all be together


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